Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Do you hear the roar of the crowd and the snorting of the bull? To err on the political side, I must say that I only approve in the kind of bull fights where the matador doesn't stick stuff in the bull. I prefer it to be more like a dance. That being said, matadors are serious about flair. I have to respect that fo sho. I have also included a picture of Ferdinand, the bull who liked to smell flowers because I think he is cute and I like that story and if there were no bulls, there would be no matadors.

**something I learned today: apparently matadors wear pink tights. Who knew? I guess matadors.

Kaitanya's look:

If I were a bull, I would not mess with this matador. She looks serious about seriousness (and very hot to boot).

Jillian's look:

Rest assured that Jillian made it out of this miniature bull attack unscathed. She distracted them with her lovely red pashmina and headed them straight to the corral.

Ali's look:

Ole! Cropped sweater jacket thing. Ornate gold trim. A slicked back ponytail for quick bull avoidance.

Sweater - target
Tank - TJ maxx?
Dance pants - forever 21

Jewelry - infinity necklace, signature clover necklace, Amanda earrings - all

Casie's look:

We got bolero jacket, bling on the lapels and elsewhere, and red fabulosity (in honor of capes everywhere).

skirt, tank- thrifted
shoes- Chadwick's, Ebay
Jacket, bracelet and earrings- Target
Brooches- came with clothing but I dont' know from where

Windy's look:

She wears her decorated red "cape" as a skirt. When she passes by, bulls are strangely attracted to her and they can't exactly figure out why.

Thursday challenge: inspriational women


  1. Using MY matador photo on your web page - hmmm

  2. I did not mean you should have to delete it and others which were not mine. Sorry about that.
    Saludos - John Calypso