Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink

What about prom, Blane? Oh how it rings in my ears. This movie came out when I was in junior high and it was like, THE movie. I remember that Kaitanya had Pretty in Pink hose from Hanes and I thought they were so cool. I thought everything about Andie was cool. I have always loved vintage (aka thrift). I kind of always thought that the rich kids were way crazy mean and overly adult in this movie. Maybe there was some kind of class war in Chicago in the 80's that the history books have quietly swept under the rug. Either way, this movie is a classic and the style still holds up today.

This challenge was issued by Stephanie over at THOSE TRICKS. You should check out her blog. She has mad style skills and the thrifting power of a Jedi.

Kaitanya's look:

She is both pretty in pink and working a Duckie foot positioning technique. Remember at the end of the movie when Duckie shows up at prom and points down to his shoes? Tap tap, tap tap. He will always be the Duck Man to me.

Ali's look:

Yep, that's me. I was a new wave rebel kinda gal and I always loved Duckie best. FYI, the NOVEL version has Duck & Andie end up together which is really what should have happened. We all know Andie & Blaine dated through the summer & then broke up when he headed off to Dartmouth and she moved to NYC to attend parson's school of design and met someone of substance.

Anyway, shirt: target
Vest: old navy
Hat: m Frederic
Jewelry: hematite heiress hoops, liv multi charm necklace, all

Windy's look:

So cute and so Andie. Kind of looks like something she would sew up, huh? And the neckline mimics the famous prom dress a little.

Skirt – thrifted
Top – Gibson
Shoes – Payless

Casie's look:

I am going full Andie style with an eclectic mix of pink items, floral print, and lots of jewelry. Almost all items are thrifted or gifted, so I think this is a perfect tribute.

shirt- thrifted
skirt- thrifted and reworked

necklace- handed down from family
bracelets- Ebay, hand me downs, open market in France, one from Target

Sasha's look:

Not only is she working it, but the puppy too. That is a serious player.

Ali's look is coming later. Will update as soon as I have her pic.

Friday challenge: 7 deadly sins

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  1. Loved everybody's look for Pretty in Pink! I contemplated playing since I did wear pink pajama oriental print pants and a pink tank top all day. I always loved Andy's look in that movie, so vintage chic, but I could never pull it off.