Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pie, Pie. Oh Delicious Pie!

MMMMMM....pie is good. I grew up with a lot of pies. I think it is a southern thing. Buttermilk pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie (my favorite)...The list goes on and on. Why not pay tribute to the delicious dessert pie has been and always will be.

Casie's look:

I call myself cherry pie. Everyone who asked me about my look today (and that list is growing) was thrown off by the yellow accessories. I am wearing the yellow stuff cuz I like it! But daughter #1 said I am cherry pie with lemon frosting. I am fine with that.

dress: hand sewn from vintage pattern
bracelets: Ebay and hand me down from relative
shoes: Payless (originally they were white, but I painted them!)
earrings: Stella & Dot

Windy's look:

Mince meat pie anyone? Usually I would so NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but this look has me rethinking my stance. Check out the skirt. Very lattice pie crust.

Kaitanya's look:

Key lime pie with graham cracker crust. I love me some key lime pie. Have you ever had Edward's Key Lime Pie (check your freezer section cuz this stuff is like crack)?

Miss K, you look so fresh and summery (and creamy smooth too).

Mandy's look:

Mandy is a good friend of my little sister. She has been following the blog and this is her first day playing. She is blueberry pie with a cherry on top. She describes her look on her blog With Cherries On Top. Check it out!

UPDATE: Sasha's look

Sasha is sweet potato pie with a golden brown crust. I also think the ruffles on her shirt look like the fluting on the pie crust.

SIDE NOTE: For anyone that is playing along and wants to send a pic, I have set up a Facebook page where you can post your pictures. The name of the page is The Styling Game and you can just request to be a member and I will add you right in.

Thursday challenge: Pretty in Pink

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