Monday, April 30, 2012

Betty White

Jilli's look:

My Betty White: cardigan, bright colors, and pearls.

Casie's look:

I think Betty White is a hoot.  I love her portrayal of the "Belle of St. Olaf", Rose,  on Golden Girls.  Nobody can play dumb or tell a story about some strange Swedish/Mid-Western ritual better than Rose.  I have a large place in my heart for a tangent.  I have roses on my skirt for sweet Rose.  Bless her heart!

skirt and top- gifts
shoes- Target

Kim's look:

Betty White. Big wraps and necklaces. I love her btw, especially because of her work with animals.

Lisa's look:

The colors in this shirt remind me of the Golden Girls. My mom watched Golden Girls (and Designing Women) a lot when I was growing up. This looked like a shirt that Betty White would wear, and I tried to channel her innocent on the outside, mischevious on the inside self. Happy Betty White Day:) The shirt is Christopher Banks that I got for 50 cents this weekend at our church rummage sale (steal).

Tuesday challenge:  Mozart

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ren Fest

If you want to be confused by humanity, go to a Renaissance Festival...or if you want to eat something on a stick.

Casie's look:

I am a knight of the rectangular desk table (with a computer on it).  I will save the fair ladies by slaying dragons with my yard stick.  All things considered, I suppose I should hope I don't actually meet with any dragons.  My chain mail is a whispy, metal grey blouse, grey headband and some chain-esque ear bobs.  The boots are synthetic (maybe not fireproof?).  Hmmmm....I should probably stick to the mead and turkey drumsticks.

headband- crafted by me
blouse- target
jeans- thrifted
boots- DSW
necklace- won it!

Rachelle's look:

 *seriously...look at the giant collection of blousy Renaissance shirts!

Oh blousy Renaissance shirt, taketh us to fetch something delicious upon a stick!

Monday challenge:  Betty White

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Bangles

Kim's look:

Good grief - Late again! This dress is as Bangle-ish as I could get - short and black! Of course, I intended to wear bangles up my arms, but as I rushed out of the house to catch my train that ended up being 1/2 late, they were forgotten... Oh well.  I tried for Susannah Hoff's eye roll - Jillian even coached me - but I don't think I got close. Dress - Nordstrom Rack!

Casie's look:

 *first my susana hoffs side glance

I love the movie The Allnighter, starring one Ms. Susana Hoffs.  If you haven't seen it you should.  One of Joan Cusak's best comedic turns.  So 80's, such romping, such hilarity ensuing....  I am wearing pink and blue like Ms. Susana in the movie poster.

Jilli's look:

I thought bright purple with a snakeskin print was Bangle-esque. I also am wearing bangle bracelets; will post separately. Could not mimic the Bangle teased up hairdo at work; unfortunately.  Sweater: White + Warren, jewelry: Stella & Dot, scarf: Shanghai market!

Ali's look:


Walk like an Egyptian! Plus, of course, a BANGLE! Shirt, old navy. Bardot spiral bangle, charms necklace and heiress reversible hoops, all Stella & Dot.

Friday challenge:  Ren Fest

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Kim's look:

I live this top. It works in so many ways. Today it represents the moon in the night sky. I added a necklace that reminds me of planets.

Lisa's look:

Today I am trying to be a galaxy.

Casie's look:

 *that barrel looking thing is apparently all that is left of the original 40ft.

 *sorry, blurry.

Ok, the inner nerd is about to be revealed.  I just listened to an audio book about scientists from the Romantic era.  One of them was William Herschel.  Mr. Herschel was a pioneer in the field of astronomy (He discovered Uranus), specifically in the building of telescopes. One of his crowning glories was the building of a 40ft, brass reflecting telescope.  Today I am the 40ft. telescope with a "brass" dress and my glass orb necklace is the "lens". On a side note, his sister, Caroline, was one of the first respected women of science.  She was a pioneering astronomer in her own right.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Target
necklace- won it from Jen at The Suburb Experiment (I heart her)

Jilli's look:

*I think her necklace looks like orbits too :)

I love the night sky just after sunset where it is a beautiful midnight blue. Blue top from Target; pearl "stars" necklace by Stella & Dot. I also have on black pants and blue belt/shoes.

Thursday challenge:   The Bangles

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Kim's look:

 *she always has the fierce lady shoes, so I made her the hot librarian!

She said she was late today....I said she was actually "overdue".

Casie's look:

I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett.  In his Discworld series, there is a school for wizards called, Unseen University.  The Librarian (notice it is a proper noun) is an orangutang.  Woe be to he who should make the unfortunate mistake of calling him a monkey.  He is quite a character and not to be fooled with.  He can say so much with a simple, "Ook."  I am wearing brown and orange as orangutang colors (please ignore the copious southwestern styling references- the outfit just evolved on its own.  You can talk to my hair separately about the Pocahontas braids).

 dress and belt- thrifted
necklaces- gifts
boots- Target
cardigan- Newport News Fashions

Jillian's look:

It must be cold in libraries; I always envision librarians in a cardigan. Mine also has pockets in which to stash spare checkout slips. I added a sturdy necklace in case I need to hang reading glasses on it.

Lisa's look:


Wednesday challenge:  Astronomy