Monday, April 30, 2012

Betty White

Jilli's look:

My Betty White: cardigan, bright colors, and pearls.

Casie's look:

I think Betty White is a hoot.  I love her portrayal of the "Belle of St. Olaf", Rose,  on Golden Girls.  Nobody can play dumb or tell a story about some strange Swedish/Mid-Western ritual better than Rose.  I have a large place in my heart for a tangent.  I have roses on my skirt for sweet Rose.  Bless her heart!

skirt and top- gifts
shoes- Target

Kim's look:

Betty White. Big wraps and necklaces. I love her btw, especially because of her work with animals.

Lisa's look:

The colors in this shirt remind me of the Golden Girls. My mom watched Golden Girls (and Designing Women) a lot when I was growing up. This looked like a shirt that Betty White would wear, and I tried to channel her innocent on the outside, mischevious on the inside self. Happy Betty White Day:) The shirt is Christopher Banks that I got for 50 cents this weekend at our church rummage sale (steal).

Tuesday challenge:  Mozart

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