Friday, April 13, 2012

Liz Lemon


Casie's look:

*serious mom jean high waisted power

I like train wreck style Liz in a comfortable tee and sweatshirt- hair in a ponytail. Darn! I wish I had a fanny pack! This is my favorite sweater. It is way too big and super comfy. Paired it with my Liz Claibourne "mom" jeans and comfy shoes. Ahhhhh...perfect for this rainy, California day. THANKS LIZ!

sweater and jeans- thrifted
necklace- gift
t-shirt- Gap

Lisa's look:


Kim's look:

Liz Lemon. Patterned top under a jacket.

Jilli's look:

Look at Miss Lizzy, sittin on the sofa. Just hangin...being cool.

Monday challenge: Amphibian

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