Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Farm Animal

Kim's look:
Like Jillian, I went with a horse - a palomino - as my inspiration. First, I love horses - they are so gorgeous. And secondly I had a partner in so I couldn't be too creative with my outfit! My necklace represents the bridle and reins, and while my hair isn't in a "pony" tail - it certainly is a mane!!!

Casie's look:

*blue silkie bantem and blue orpington chick e doos for the navy chicks on my shirt

Ok, I know you were all expecting me to go "baby goat", but I forgot I have this jazz hands fantastic chicken shirt and you just don't let a chicken shirt opportunity pass you by. The yellow shoes are my chicken feet. And yes, baby goats are still and forever will be my FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER.

Lisa's look:

boc, boc, boc

Jillian's look:
Giddy up horsey today. I am inspired by a brown horse with silver bridle and of course a pony tail.
Thursday challenge: Charles Dickens

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  1. A chicken print shirt? Be still my beating heart! And cute idea on the ponytail!