Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hunger Games

Casie's look:

I didn't wear this dress for a long time and now it has been twice recently (see Prince challenge). This is my representation of the blue dress that belonged to Katniss' mom. The one she wore to the reaping.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Ebay

Kim's look:

Katniss during the games - camoflaged in green and earth tones. I bought this top at a little boutique a while ago. The name of the store was "A Definite Maybe". Always loved the name of that store and they had the greatest clothing. Too bad rent increases forced them out of business.

Jilli's look:

Girl on fire? Today I am channeling Cinna's coal-inspired gown with glowing orange embers top and shades of coal grey skirt and tights. If you can see them, my earrings look like little bows (no arrows though).

Wednesday challenge: Farm Animal

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