Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Kim's look:

I live this top. It works in so many ways. Today it represents the moon in the night sky. I added a necklace that reminds me of planets.

Lisa's look:

Today I am trying to be a galaxy.

Casie's look:

 *that barrel looking thing is apparently all that is left of the original 40ft.

 *sorry, blurry.

Ok, the inner nerd is about to be revealed.  I just listened to an audio book about scientists from the Romantic era.  One of them was William Herschel.  Mr. Herschel was a pioneer in the field of astronomy (He discovered Uranus), specifically in the building of telescopes. One of his crowning glories was the building of a 40ft, brass reflecting telescope.  Today I am the 40ft. telescope with a "brass" dress and my glass orb necklace is the "lens". On a side note, his sister, Caroline, was one of the first respected women of science.  She was a pioneering astronomer in her own right.

dress- thrifted
shoes- Target
necklace- won it from Jen at The Suburb Experiment (I heart her)

Jilli's look:

*I think her necklace looks like orbits too :)

I love the night sky just after sunset where it is a beautiful midnight blue. Blue top from Target; pearl "stars" necklace by Stella & Dot. I also have on black pants and blue belt/shoes.

Thursday challenge:   The Bangles


  1. love the color possibilities here... & kim's top?? fabulous :).

  2. I think I just said "yay necklaces" to myself while scrolling down. I'm not sure, though. It's time for bed.

    The Suburb Experiment