Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Doo doo
Doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo

Kim's look:
I met Agnes Moorhead once when I was in junior high. My dad wanted me to be an actress back then and I thought maybe I did too. Until I met her and freaked out. But she was very nice to my dad and me. So today, Agnes, this one is for Endora!! (Oh hello, Derwood...) A flowing purple top from Mary Caryl with an oversized scarf with green tones. Thank you, JD, for giving me the classic pose!

Casie's look:

I decided to wear purple and green for Endora. I would like to think she had a heart of gold, but I am not so sure. I just love it when she calls Darren- Durwood. Hee hee.

cardigan- Anthropologie
purple tank- gifted
skirt- thrifted (A major score. One item from a whole bag of stuff for $3 deal in New Hampshire!)
shoes- Calvin Klein, DSW

Jillian's look:

Bewitched- inspired by the animated riding on the broom sequence.

Lisa's look:

I can't find a picture, but she has this cute little brown dress she wears in one of the early color episodes. I will keep looking. I used to love this show as a kid. I own all the episodes and still DVR it at 8:00 every weekday! I often watch it and think, I want that outfit! I've always thought Samantha looked like my mother Brenda Hall (beautiful). Any time someone told me "you look like your mom" I always said, "thank you" and I still do!
I was going for Samantha, but I'm not sure that it isn't a little Serena (except hers would be way shorter!)
Kaitlin thinks I should confess that this isn't what I wore today. Oh well, I had to rush out the door at the speed of light this morning - so sue me

Thursday challenge:

Yo Gabba Gabba
(for those of you over the age of 4, I have included a link for research purposes)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Casie's look:

I am a little obsessed with Etsy of late, so I went looking there for fisherman ideas. I was drawn to this painting. You can link to the artist's shop on Etsy here.

top- was a dress from Target but I realized I usually wear it as a top, so I cut it off to tuck in better.
pants- Calvin Klein, Ebay

Lisa's look:

Classic fisherman in yellow rain gear. Off to the store where I may catch some fish sticks!

Jillian's look:

Fisherman was a tough challenge - I have the perfect yellow striped dress if it were 20 degrees warmer and a weekend! So instead I went with boots as "waders", a belt that resembles fish scales, and big circle earrings as a ship's steering wheel.

Kim's look:

Today I'm a typical fly fisherman, wearing a khaki colored sweater and green slacks that remind me of waders! Or I could be a largemouth bass, which are typically green and brown in color!! Sweater from, Tahari slacks, and a green-stoned necklace from Stella and Dot.

Wednesday challenge: Bewitched

Monday, February 27, 2012

Runway Inspiration- VALENTINO

pick a look......

Casie's look:

I was inspired by the pink outfit. I did it in grey. So the shirt is diaphanous, lace accented and cape shaped. Paired it with flitty skirt all in one hue. BAM! Valentino!

top- Target
shoes- Bay of E
skirt- hand me down

Lisa's look:

This shirt has a see through layer over a more modest layer which reminded me of the layers and see through-ness of the pictures.

Kim's look:

This definitely was a hard one, but when I saw the photo of the long dress with the black and white pattern, it reminded me of this fun dress from Francesca's. I've paired it with a pair of very long Stella and Dot sparkly earrings - runway fun!

Jillian's look:

Lace and a flowy skirt is as close as I get to Valentino.

Tuesday challenge: Fisherman

Friday, February 24, 2012

Andy Warhol

A: mad props for doggy pics.

B: I agree.

Casie's look:

Bold, contrasting color. If I had some blue eye shadow up to my house, you better Hong Kong believe I woulda worn it.

top- Anthropologie
jeans- Simply Vera Wang
shoes- same as yesterday

Jilli's look:

For Andy Warhol, I chose a shirt with a repeating graphic pattern.

Lisa's look:

Going for contrast of bold color...headed to an adventure at the Boston Museum of Science today.

Monday challenge:
Valentino inspiration- I give you choices ladies.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Seuss

I just think this is funny.

Rachelle's look:

I do not like them said Sam-I-am... I do not like green eggs and ham!

Casie's look:

*my Adele inspired bouffant has gone lopsided.

Yes I DO like Green Eggs and Ham. I like that book much, Sam I Am! By the way, I would eat anything with a goat. I LOVE them. LOVE THEM.

top and jeans- thrifted
necklace- clothing swap
shoes- maybe Payless or Walmart?

Lisa's look:

I am my all time favorite Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hatches an Egg. It is a truly beautiful story and everyone should read it! My earrings are his egg. My grey shirt and silver hair flair represent elephant-ness. My shirt is inspired by Suess' wonky trees. This is me trying to get back in the game after being sick! Have a seuessical day ya'll!:)

Kim's look:

One fish, two fish, I am the Blue Fish! Sweater from, Ann Taylor scarf, and a silver disc necklace with blue beads from Stella and Dot.

Jilli's look:

All tall. We all are tall. Of the Dr. Seuss library, Hop on Pop is my favorite.

Friday challenge: Andy Warhol