Friday, February 17, 2012


NASA was just recently looking for astronaut applicants. Did any of you apply?

Jillian's look:

Mickey-naut Dekunder at your service!

Kim's look:

She is sooooo Interplanet Janet-y with her galaxy print top.

Casie's look:

When I think astronauts, I think Tang- orange dress, green accessories. It has been YEARS since I bellied up to the bar for a cold glass of Tang. In my mind, Tang is the taste of fake (and I am not saying that is a bad thing).

dress, tights, ring and necklace- Target
shoes- Calvin Klein, DSW

Kaitlin's look:

Kaitlin is the Earth as seen from the moon (mostly water with green and white).

Lisa's look:

Here's what NASA found on Mars - Martian!

Monday challenge: Elizabeth Taylor

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