Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michael Jackson

Casie's look:

I am being all Thriller Album Cover. I wish I had a baby tiger to pose with.... White jacket and black shirt. I have worn a version of this before on the blog with a different shirt. I like this shirt with it mo betta.

jacket- thrifted
top- Macy's
jeans- Old Navy, hand me down
bracelet- gift from the MIL

Kim's look:

Ok, so I'm not as good of a dancer! :-) I'm in a boyfriend jacket and slacks from Mary Caryl. While you can't see it, my earrings are Stella and Dot gold disco balls to emulate the sparkly glove. (Ok, I'm going to be honest. I wasn't really ever too much of a MJ fan. I was a bit of a fan in the early 80's, but never over the top.)
Lisa and Jonathan's look:

I am thriller with Jonathan today. Everything I have on is thrifted or hand me down (except the shoes). I will try to get a picture of my bling earrings that are inspired by "the glove"! This outfit has been Jonathan approved!
**Jonathan is a SUPER MJ fan. He has the Thriller jacket (seen above) and the Beat It jacket too. Next on his wish list of acquisitions is the white Smooth Criminal suit. I am trying to convince my sister that this would make an excellent Easter outfit for my nephew. ;)

Jilli's look:

Michael Jackson's Thriller album was a must-have for me in my youth. I listened to that album a million times. I remember seeing the Billie Jean video and being awestruck that the sidewalk could light up when he stepped on it. Today I am inspired by Michael Jackson's outfit in that video: black suit jacket and red/pink scarf to represent the pink shirt and red bow tie. My pose is an attempt to moonwalk; I could never do it back then either.

Friday challenge: NASA


  1. Why oh why did no one dress as the love interest in the Thriller video!?!

  2. You guys are awesome. What a fun blog! Count me as your newest follower!