Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Designer Inspiration- Erin Featherston

As always, it is fun to see how we can interpret "runway fabulosity" out of our existing closets. I really like Erin Featherston's designs. She has a very girly vibe going that I enjoy.

Casie's look:

So I went with the colors, bow at waist, hair flair, black patent shoes and tights. I have never worn a shirt with this dress before but I like this combo. I also went a little crazy on the hair. There are pin curls and all kinds of what not going on.

dress and tights- Target
top- Michael Stars, thrifted
shoes- The Bay of E
hair flair- stolen from my children

Jenn's look:

My friend, Jenn, over at The Suburb Experiment is totally playing today without knowing it. Just take a look at her post for today. She has hair flair, partially open jackety thing with bow belt, black shoes and slightly diaphanous dress. I LOVE IT when this happens.

Jilli's look:

I was inspired by the style of the clothes in the inspiration photo. I went with a flowy dress, bow-belted black cardigan, and black tights/shoes.

Kim's look:

I'm runway ready... I went with black and white as I have so much of that in my wardrobe. I'm in a white Banana shirt that I left untucked to represent the flounce of the skirt in our inspiration photo, paired with a black wool skirt and striped stockings from Ann Taylor!

Wednesday challenge:
Gambler (hmmm....this could go a lot of ways)


  1. haha! I WAS playing along and I didn't even know it. I like that Kim included the striped tights.

    The Suburb Experiment