Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twyla Tharp

And so we learn of the prolific choriographer, Ms. Twyla Tharp. I admit I know very little about her, but I do know she choreographed that Billy Joel musical. Should you desire to educate yourself, please click here.

Jilli's look:
Ballet flats and a wrap cardigan, all in black and gray ... I am dance!
Casie's look:

I was inspired by the photos from one of Ms. Tharp's dances, In the Upper Room. I admit I only looked at the little version of the photo at first so I thought the costumes were gray with the lovely red pop at the shoe. Now I see they are striped. Which is equally fabulous, but unrepresented here. I also decided to wear my hair in the closest thing I can do to a ballerina bun until it grows out some more.

**shortly after I wrote this, my little gal's school called to say she has a fever. I rushed home and got into my "mommy doctor" clothes and forgot to take my pic. So I photographed the hair do and my shirt and shoes on my bed.

top- Target
shoes- Ebay

Lisa's look:

She is inspired by Ms. Tharp's signature glasses and sporting a ballet sweater to boot.

Friday challenge: Hello Kitty

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