Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Fruit

Classic look. Fruit. Delicious and yet so wearable...

Casie's look:

I love me some watermelon. I think it might be the only fruit I ever crave. Ever had it with salt? MMMMMMM.....

Kim's look:

Today I am my favorite fruit - which is a non-traditional fruit, one that many people don't realize is a fruit! Avocado!! Dark green top by Mary Caryl over the top of a bright green Mary Caryl tank (representing the yummy insides), and brown Nine West slacks.

Michelle's look:

Michelle is a Cantalope... Also...Notice the orange undershirt? Liam is a blueberry! :)

Rachelle's look:

Love Tropical fruits! Reminds me of my other home...the Philippines! Today I am a Passion Fruit.. Or Guava.. Couldn't decide :)

Jilli's look:

My favorite fruit this year is strawberries! We have been visiting the local farmer's market and can get strawberries all year. I get a giant bin, and they're always gone in a few days.

Thursday challenge: Twyla Tharp

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