Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Casie's look:

*just to change things up, this is the un-transformed version of Bumble Bee.

I picked Bumble Bee cuz when I was trying to figure out what to wear, it was the first character that allowed an outfit to immediately pop into my head that I wouldn't need to try on first. Is that lame? Also, I have bee earrings, so I kind of HAD to. My gold shoes are a nod to the fact that Transformers are made of metal.

Jillian's look:

I am inspired by Bumblebee today also - black and gray with yellow accents! Yellow "bee" ring by Stella & Dot. Scarf from Macy's (thanks Mom!). Favorite gray cardigan from Brooks Brothers.

Lisa's look:


I got help from my 8 year old son on this one. His favorite good guy transformer is the Bumblebee. He is home sick today (Jon, not the Bumblebee) so maybe he can transform for you later;)
Kim's look:

Transformers - big machines with lots of moving parts! Today I went with a Design History sweater that features a grey/black cog-like pattern, paired with a lots of silver jewelry from Silpada (earrings - like tires!) and Stella and Dot. My nails, painted a silvery color, complete the ensemble.

Wednesday challenge:
One Hit Wonders (could be the song or the artist- oooo...choices)

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