Friday, February 10, 2012

Freestyle with hints of BEAUTY


jeans and sweater- thrifted
ring- HSN or QVC, gift from my mom
necklace- gift from my MIL

My 3 must haves:

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick- This stuff is awesome. Not only does it stay on all day, but I can kiss all over my hubby and the kids with red lipstick on and nobody gets tattooed.

Aerosol Hair Spray - I have fine hair. I lovingly refer to it as "baby bunny butt hair". Hair spray helps me create body, but the pump spray kind just weighs it down. I am newly fond of Elnett. You can spray that stuff on till Tuesday and it won't make your hair have that crunchy or wet look. It just really sticks it down but makes it stay looking like pristine hair.

Cetaphil (I actually use the Target Brand of it)- I hate washing my face. A LOT. I particularly hate washing my face in the winter because it is cold and wet. I just don't like the drippiness of it all. I do enjoy face wipes, but I often feel bad about generating all that extra waste. I discovered that you can use Cetaphil cleanser without water and just wipe it off with a wash cloth. No waste paper and no wetness. SCORE. **The extra bonus is that my little one, who is terrified to take a bath, can be slathered up in the stuff and washed off without screaming and clawing involved. I have even caked her hair up with it, combed it through and let it dry. I have become a master at bathing techniques that require no water (just call me if you need some tips).

Rachelle's look and must haves:

My favorite top from H&M :) I wear it ALL the time... I accidentally cut a hole in it... That doesn't stop me lol it's sooo comfy and flowy.. I like anything "hippie" related lol.
Hmm 3 beauty must-haves:
1.USANA Sense facial wash and moisturizer- no parabens or harmful chemicals.

2. Take your vitamins..antioxidant and fish oil

3. Bare Minerals Foundation

Deb's look and must haves:

Foreign exchange, wet seal, uggs. All at a major discount

1. Sara Happ's The Lip Scrub in Brown Sugar -I'm amazed!

2. Infusium 23 for INSTANTLY healthy-looking/feeling hair!

3. BeneFit's Erase Paste -- oh my goodness!! You've got to get into a Sephora or department store that carries the line to try it on to believe it! Best concealer by far!

Jilli's look and must haves:

(1) accessories (warning, shamless plug for Ali) in the last 2 years, I have discovered the wonder of accessories, jewelry, scarves, etc. to make me feel more beautiful and put-together
(2) hair flat iron: for me, straight, not frizzy, hair is a big boost
*interesting chart of eyebrow shapes
(3) I agree with Tricia on eyebrow pencil: opens up my face
bonus (4) Burt's bees Lip Shimmer. Minty, little bit of color, apply like chapstick. I like the Rhubarb color.

Tricia's must haves:

I so wish I could do the style challenge everyda y, my brain is just full and tired. I'm surprised some days that I can even get dressed. *yawn* I can say what my top three beauty must haves are though!
*click here for a link to a "h ow to" on brow penciling
1. eyebrow pencil - no matter if I am at homeor going somewhere, I always make sure I look like I have my eyebrows done, blonde eyebrows seem to disappear. I love the way my eyebrows frame my face after doing so
me brow enhancement with a good pencil!
*Sigg reusable water bottle.
2. Water - drink lots of water all day long. VERY IMPORTANT! Keeping hydrated, I have found, is essential the old I get for a myriad of reasons!
3. Sleep - this is the hard one for me, with everything I have going in my life, but I can definitely tell when I haven't got my full 7 hours of sleep at night (which has not been happening lately and maintaining the weight I want is suffering). My day seems to be harder to get through and I crave sweets like a crazy person!

Lisa's look and must haves:

*she asked me if this picture makes her appear free...I believe it does

I'm not sure
I have 3 beauty secrets. Hmmm...
I always wear mascara and silver jewelry (warning, this link is another shameless plug for Ali) with sweats so I still feel cute.
I get expensive face soap (Pernox), moisturizer and powder (Clinique)- the rest is cover girl.
Smile a lot. That's 3;).

Kim's look and must haves:
Freestylin'! I'm wearing a black flowing neck tank from Halogen and a rust sweater from H&M - both of which I've had for a while but haven't had the occasion to wear them! Paired with Lucky jeans ($10 on sale in Canada), my Silpada belt and Stella and Dot panther necklace. I'm freeeeeeee.............

My beauty must-haves.

1. Morroccan oil for my hair. It smooths out frizz, makes my hair very silky and smells awesome
2. Kai Body Glow. I love it. It's a light scent and gives a wonderful sheen to your skin.
3. Benefit "They're Real" Mascara in black. Love it - great product.
Monday challenge: Stormy weather

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