Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Kitty

Hello, Kitty! I love Hello Kitty because I get to relive my own childhood love affair with Sanrio through my kids. I also love her because she is not boy crazy, she dresses modestly, she doesn't talk back to her parents or get into trouble or end up in rehab or forget her underwear and get pictures taken of her Merry Christmas. In short, she is a safe image for my kids to enjoy.

This website is horrifying in that way that means you can't stop looking at it because it is so darn fascinating but you have to say it is horrifying so that people don't think you are awful. DARN, my secret is out!

Casie's look:

I also went all classic hello kitty. I know that I am seriously missing hair flair (a thing Kitty would never think of doing). Forgive me.

jeans, Old Navy hand-me-down
sweater, thrifted
shoes, painted by me

Jessica and her tiny's looks:

Mommy and daughter are cute-a-rific!

Rachelle's look:

Classic Hello Kitty happiness.

Kim's look:

The best thing about this game is that is changed the way I work with my wardrobe. Today, because I love me the Hello Kitty, I've layered a pink tank over a white tee (which I have never done before), paired with a silk scarf (from Jillian) highlighted with pink, dark red and white. Added to this is my fabulous blingy Hello Kitty necklace!!

*but this was the first outfit of the day!

Jilli's look:

My Hello Kitty is a little bit sweet, a little bit edge.

Bonus pic. She is my inspiration for Hello Kitty every day.

Lisa's look:

Lisa honors her nieces who LURVE Hello Kitty by playing today. I think she looks like a Christmas candy kane kitty. What could be bad?

I have been waiting for a challenge that I could use this scarf for! My amazing friend Tricia N Jeff Hurt (style blog player) MADE this for me! I heart it a whole whole bunch!

Monday challenge:

I asked my little one (who I am home with cuz she has the sickies) what the Monday challenge should be. At first (in classic 3-year old style), she said NUTHIN. But then she came up with a lovely idea. Monday's challenge will be:


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  1. Thanks for finding the perfect image for mine... the belt is a total match! :)