Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Hit Wonder

Don't we all just love a one hit wonder? The kind of song that plays at a wedding and gets EVERYONE to hit the floor?

Casie's look:

I love the song, "That Thing You Do" from the movie, "That Thing You Do". The whole film is actually about a one hit wonder band called The Wonders. It is set in the 60's and greatly appeals to my love of all things vin-tahge. The band wore these keen burgundy suits, so I've got on my own burgundy suit jacket.

jacket- vintage, thrifted
pants- Limited, thrifted
shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Jilli's look:
Eye of the Tiger... Survivor might have had other hits but I don't know them. Just got my Vince Cavuto shirt from Nordstrom, Stella & Dot "eye" ring.

Lisa's look:

Lisa Loeb. Love her. Possibly a 2 hit wonder (after Charles' and my debate last night) but she still counts.
Oh and in case you are wondering I am singing "I Do" (the song on the flip side of Stay- remember cassette singles people! I had hers and played it to death. I think it is still in a box under my bed.

Kim's look:

Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind! It's Toni Basil!! I thought this little outfit was a bit cheerleader-ish and fit Toni's personality during that era! Banana sweater over a Nikibiki tee paired with a flirty little INC skirt.

Thursday challenge: Frank Lloyd Wright

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