Friday, July 29, 2011

Cosmetic Counter Girl

Ahhh those lovely ladies dressed all in black at the mall. Perfect make-up (I mean they sell it, why not?). I find the cosmetics area in most major department stores to be sort of a dreamy place. Everything is so organized and shiny and the potential for maximum beauty perfection is great.

Ali's look:

Ali is pleased to offer a gift with purchase in today's photo but sorry folks, she is keeping this little gal for herself. As you can see, Ali's little bit is every bit the fashionista her mom is.

Jeans: Genetic Denim
T Shirt: Target
Vesty thing (inspired by the "smocks" you often see a cosmetic counter girl in): Anthropologie
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Jewelry: Hematite Heiress Hoops (they're reversible!), silver bardot bangle, hematite cupchain double wrap bracelet, trifecta wrap, hematite curb chain, jaguar necklace, all

Casie's look:

I am not, in general, a wearer of the pants. I prefer dresses and skirts, so don't expect this kind of thing very often. For some reason, I just felt pants fit the look better. Once my husband snapped the pic, I realized that I created an outfit that is very Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease. Which is also cool because back in the day, I thought that outfit (and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform) were pretty much the definition of sexy. I particularly enjoy the headband I am wearing. It is a bow, but it is covered in little gold rivet thingees so it is sweet and a little salty.

jeans- American Apparel, thrifted
shirt- Mossimo, thrifted
shoes- Target
earrings- Target
belt- thrifted and also seen here
headband- Target

Monday's Challenge: Disney's Pop Century Resort (challenge presented by Ali's sister Jillian)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mrs. Roper

Now talk about a style icon...Mrs. Roper had it going on. I like to call her look "retirement chic". Nobody, and I mean NOBODY rocks a caftan like Helen Roper.

Casie's look:

There are a lot of ways you can go with this. It took some thinking and then I remembered this dress. I haven't worn her in a while. This challenge thing is really getting me to see more options in my closet. So I am rocking kind of the short version of a caftan. Wild print is very Mrs. Roperesque. I also decided to pay homage to her penchant for wearing a brightly colored, beaded necklace and large earrings. And the espadrilles...I just assume that Helen's shoe wardrobe consists entirely of espadrilles, high-heeled flip flops and gold metallic house shoes.

dress- handmade by me
necklace- stella & dot
shoes- Old Navy, thrifted

hoop earrings- who knows? probably Target (are you noticing a pattern here?)

Ali's look:


Oh hello, would you like to rent an apartment? See, we recycle.

So this one clearly wasn't too challenging, although I could certainly have gone a number of different ways. But I knew I wanted an armful of jangly bangles (which would be a great name for a band) and a nice flowy dress...if I owned a muumuu I would have considered it although I suppose it's not really work appropriate. I think I struck a nice balance between costumey and real. I considered a head scarf which I always enjoy but with my limited closet space my scarves are in the garage with the "Winter Clothes" so you'll get nothing and like it. Plus I thought the head scarf might push me over into costume-land anyway.

Dress- Cha Cha Vente (Macy's)
Sandals- Nine West
Jewelry: Sunset Bangle, Paige Bangle, Sloane Bangle, Harmony Rings, and Birds of Paradise Necklace, all

One other thing...I went looking for Mrs. Roper pics and of course stumbled on lots of John Ritter. Every time I think of his early death I am saddened by the loss of such a great talent and warm spirit. I grew up thinking he was hilarious and wonderful and I remember exactly where I was when I heard he'd died. So I dedicate today to John Ritter. I saw his son Jason in a show on Monday night and he was doing some pretty hilarious physical comedy that totally reminded me of his dad. :) That was nice.

Tomorrow's challenge: cosmetic counter girl

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Cream Cone

Apparently, someone beat us to this idea. Interesting to use warm and cozy yarn in the representation of a cool and delicious ice cream cone. A juxtaposition of ideas. Deeeeeeep...

Ali's look:
As per Ali: OK...I started with a sort of vanilla theme in mind, then saw my favorite sunny yellow cardi in my closet and thought, "Now that would be a cheery topper on this yellow outfit" so then a sort of Sherbet thing came to be...sunny yellow, teal/blue/green necklace...I kept my original creamy white thing going and just added on. I must say, I do enjoy a jewel and of course anything my BFF wants to do (aka style challenging) is most likely going to be a good time. Unless it involves eating cantaloupe or green beans. Then I am skeptical.

p.s. she is not angry, just concentrating

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Discount store from long ago...probably TJ Maxx
Jeans: LEE RIDER from over to the WAL-MART. Don't hold it against me. I am not pro-wal-mart. I'm actually pretty Anti-Wal-Mart. But occasionally mis-steps happen. The jeans are actually cute and fit me well. Apparently my butt is the butt of the masses.
Shoes: Nine West (I don't think you can see them. They are actually the most fashion-forward part of this outfit. They are a lovely cake-cone-colored neutral shoe with a cool cone-shaped heel. Get it?
Jewelry: Renegade Mini Drop Earrings, Snake Orb Pendant Necklace, Contessa Jade Necklace (SHERBET-Y!), and Devi Bangles in gold. All

Casie's look:

I went for a vanilla cone with turquoise sprinkles and a cherry on top. The cherry is the red pendant on my necklace. I am sporting a Southwestern look today, complete with turquoise jewelry. Photography services were provided by my 5 year old today. I think she did pretty well, thank-you.

dress- thrifted
jacket- thrifted
belt- Gap
necklace- handmade and a gift
earrings- present from the MIL
boots- Target (making their second appearance on "The Game")

Tomorrow's challenge: Mrs. Roper (we are talking Three's Company here)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anna Sui Inspiration

So today we were challenged to reinterpret a specific Anna Sui look. This was harder than I thought, but we persevered.

So basically you can break this look down into several mini-trends:
bared leg with boots
jewel tones
floral accessories
mixed patterns

Obviously everything don't work for everybody, so reinterpret what works for you (with who you are and what ya got).

Casie's Look:
I chose to use jewel tones, bared leg with boots and floral accessories.

So I don't own a pair of shorts and I wore this lovely jewel toned dress instead. Too hot for tights? Forget em. Too hot for jackets and don't have a vest? Forget em. Mixed patterns...hmmm couldn't find anything to work. Floral accessory? Well I knew I wanted to nod to the flower necklace and I was searching the house to figure out what I could re-purpose. Then I found this shawl/scarf that I never wear. A: it had a floral print, B: It was fringey like the necklace, c: I have been interested in trying the scarf as bibby necklace thing that is happening lately. Ta Da!

dress- Giani Bini- on semi-permanent lend from Ali
scarf- I think Target?
boots- Ariat

belt- thrifted
bracelet- a necklace that belonged to Ali's sweet Grandma Lil- a score from Ali helping her clean out her stuff

Ali's look:
Ali worked layers, jewel tones- purple was specifically in the look, floral accessory

Ali is preggers city which presents even more challenges for her because she is growing out of all her clothes but not really big enough to get maternity clothes (aka FRUSTRATED).

She mostly chose to focus on the upper body cuz some of the rest of her was not cooperating with her wardrobe. And also in the detail department, she chose funky shoes so as to emulate the textured stockings and the fastenings on the boots.

shrug- Liz Lange Maternity
tank- Old Navy
Strapless shirt underneath- ??
Skinny Jeans- Genetic denim
shoes- Nine West
Accessories: Astor 5 Strand necklace, Plume brooch, Bardot spiral bangle in silver, Devi bangles in silver, metallic Clover Leather Wrap bracelet, Tudor Studs, and Nouvelle Ring, all

Tomorrow's challenge is: Ice Cream Cone
**This was submitted to us in comments by Stephanie. Stephanie, if you are out there and have a blog or something kind of like it, let me know your info and I will link to you from this post.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weather Girl

So today's challenge is weather girl. I love it that Ali and I have gone in completely different directions.

First, Ali's look: The Original Weather Girl (aka Call me Dorothy)

See here that Ali is sporting a lovely blue dress and ruby slippers. I guess her gold jewelry is a nod to the Yellow Brick Road!

Dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Jessica Simpson...that girl can make a shoe!

Leather short sleeved jacket: Krma
Jewelry: Leona pendant, Bardot spiral bangle and renegade bracelet, renegade statement ring, and Bardot spiral earrings - all
Bag: a Toto-esque chocolate snakes
kin bag... Preview of the Stella & Dot fall handbag collection coming out next month!

Casie's look: Cloudy with a chance of Purple Rain

So I am sporting a grey (cloudy) and purple (duh) dress that I reworked a while back. It was a mu mu and I shortened the sleeves and hem and added the belt made from one of my hubby's old shirts.

dress- thrifted and reworked
shoes- ebay

belt- upcycled shirt and fabric scraps
bracelet- one of those magnetic necklaces

Tomorrow's challenge: reinterpret this Anna Sui look:

BTW: Just so all yall in blogland know. You can't go out and buy new stuff just to get your look. You gotta make it work from what you already have. That is the point of this crazy game. Get creative!