Friday, March 30, 2012

Coral Reef

Casie's look:

I got lazy today. It was an unusual morning and I had not planned ahead. So you basically get a coral colored shirt for coral reef. But it works. But I am feeling guilty cuz usually I try much harder.

Top- Anthropologie

Ali's look:

Coral reefness! Coral shirt! Oceanic blue necklace & earrings! Spiky bracelet representing those crazy spiky blowfish! Sensible black pant and peep toe pumps representing conservative corporate disney look.

Jewelry: Bahari statement necklace, serenity earrings, renegade & Bardot spiral bracelets, all

Shirt: my favorite new store in fashion square mall. I don't even know what it's called.

Pants: banana republic

Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Say what you will but that girl can make a shoe!

Rachelle's look:

Reminds me of the corals in Hawaii :)

Jilli's look:

*ok, they are orange fish but it is PINK coral :)

My coral reef has pink fish swimming through it. The accessories reflect the ocean blue.

Old Navy, pants: Gap, shoes: Nine West (courtesy of Chelsea Dawn Spuck). Plus my mysterious Shanghai necklace makes a reappearance...

Lisa's look:

I'm back today. Coral reefs are amazing! I bet you will all be beautiful reefs today:)

Monday challenge: Liza Minnelli

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Casie's look:

I guess it is just little ole me today. Well here is my rockabilly style.

dress- gift
sweater- Walmart
shoes- thrifted
necklace- ebay
hair flair- Target

Friday challenge: Coral Reef

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Trend- Color Blocking

Casie's look:

I'm all citrusy today. For some reason my pic came out really dark and I lightened it so much that it is fuzzy. Sor to the E.

top- thrifted
dress as skirt and ring- Target

Michelle's look:

*I could not resist the color block kitteh

shirt by Jason Wu for Target

Rachelle's look:

Outfit by H&M... My Pancho Jacket Hybrid was gifted lol

Jilli's look:

Stripes- the ULTIMATE color block.

Thursday challenge: Rockabilly

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studio 54

Today we are invited inside the velvet rope. We are the cool ones on the inside!

Casie's look:

* I am just going to assume those leg warmers are constructed of gold lame'

I figure my outfit is tight and involves leopard and a shiny golden material. DISCO.

jacket and jeans- thrifted
shoes- Target (totally on sale for under 8 bucks!)

Tricia's look:

Now, if I wasn't working at a local school district in the front office, I'm sure I would have come up with a completely Different outfit...because I CAN DO IT! lol! I love LOVE me some fun crazy clothes...and my husband loves them too! But I broke out my white pants given to me by one of my beautiful nieces Jessi Jones, and black Express top...then there are my shoes...I don't get to wear these often, but when I do my daughter, Kaitlin, is sooo excited! I call them my gangsta heels, the white and black platforms. sigh...I <3 heels!

Jilli's look:

*Don't you think this dress is so DVF?
It is hard to channel a nightclub vibe in an office, especially Studio 54. I did my best! The print on this silk dress reminds me of the era, and I added some long sparkly beads. The sunglasses are to keep my fans at bay. ;)
Wednesday challenge: Fashion Trend- Color Blocking

Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrity Crush

Sighhhhhhhh.....sometimes boys are cute.

Ali's look:

LENNY KRAVITZ. Just hot. Really just very hot. Boho rocker with a touch of gold eye shadow in honor of Cinna from the Hunger Games.

Casie's look:

JOE PERRY- He is hot. I have found him to be hot for ages. I don't know why. He seems to exist mostly in jackets and scarves, plus chunky jewelry- a LOT of black and white. And there you go.

Jacket- thrifted
scarf and top- gifts
jeans- Simply Vera Wang, Kohl's

Jilli's look:

ZAC EFRON... Mostly from his High School Musical days... something about crushes and high school, after all. I am in Wildcats colors of red, white and black.

Tuesday challenge: Studio 54

Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Beer

Casie's look:

I love me a Mexican beer and my favorite is Negra Modelo. Bring on the chips and salsa, baby!

Kim's look:

Nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hot day. I have many favorites, so I went with an overall gold theme to represent the color of a good beer. I spruced myself up with my green Stella and Dot pendant and earrings, because Harp's from Ireland is definitely one of my favorites.

Lisa's look:

I've never found a beer I like, but Charles enjoys a Guinness occasionally so here you go:) This humidity made my hair do wacky things this morning. I finally just "glued" it down and said "stay there". Can I get an Amen for "hate your hair day!" Dress and necklace from Target and shrug from my mom. Oh hey - I didn't put on any earrings today!

Tricia's look:

Black and Tan Guinness was my inspiration today! I, like Lisadawn, do not have a favorite beer unless it's in reference to baking honey-beer bread (then I do prefer a good dark beer), but my husband when he does have a beer which is very rare likes a Guiness as well. I don't get to play the game much anymore, thanks to life muddling my thoughts lately, but I always check out everyone's submissions! I ♥ The Styling Game! Can't wait to get life back to normal, so we can participate more!
Monday challenge: Your celebrity crush