Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Trend- Color Blocking

Casie's look:

I'm all citrusy today. For some reason my pic came out really dark and I lightened it so much that it is fuzzy. Sor to the E.

top- thrifted
dress as skirt and ring- Target

Michelle's look:

*I could not resist the color block kitteh

shirt by Jason Wu for Target

Rachelle's look:

Outfit by H&M... My Pancho Jacket Hybrid was gifted lol

Jilli's look:

Stripes- the ULTIMATE color block.

Thursday challenge: Rockabilly


  1. lol. I guess that's true; stripes are the ultimate color block!

  2. color blocking is just so much fun. i always get a kick out of it... and hailey is just so darn good at it (but you can get away with so much more- in this regard- when you're 8, right?) :).