Monday, March 5, 2012

Looney Tunes

Kaitlin's look:

Was Bugs ever more lovely? WELL, see below for the most girly version of bugs, but come on, is my niece pretty or what?

Casie's look:

My FAVORITE Looney Tunes moment is when Bugs is Brunhilda. Unable to figure out how to get away with a metal bra as outerwear at the office, I have opted for this lingerie inspired dress with different fabric across the "boom booms" (as my 3 year old would say). The dress is pinky like Brunhilda's skirt and I am wearing my gold winged earrings to represent the wings on her helmet. OOOOOOOO Casie, you're so wuvley. Yes I know it. I can't help it.

dress- Ebay
shoes- thrifted
shrug- Forever 21
earrings- Target

Jilli's look:

What's up doc?

Lisa's look:

Yosemite Sam for Texas Tech:) As usual its all thrifted or gifted;). Including the new necklace and earrings from a local thrift store.

Kim's look:

My favorite Looney Toons cartoon is the one with Bugs Bunny and the Monster. I love the part where Bugs fools the Monster by acting like a hair stylist. I intended to wear my orange Mary Caryl dress, but it was too wrinkled. Plan B - a reddish orange top from H&M.

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