Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Studio 54

Today we are invited inside the velvet rope. We are the cool ones on the inside!

Casie's look:

* I am just going to assume those leg warmers are constructed of gold lame'

I figure my outfit is tight and involves leopard and a shiny golden material. DISCO.

jacket and jeans- thrifted
shoes- Target (totally on sale for under 8 bucks!)

Tricia's look:

Now, if I wasn't working at a local school district in the front office, I'm sure I would have come up with a completely Different outfit...because I CAN DO IT! lol! I love LOVE me some fun crazy clothes...and my husband loves them too! But I broke out my white pants given to me by one of my beautiful nieces Jessi Jones, and black Express top...then there are my shoes...I don't get to wear these often, but when I do my daughter, Kaitlin, is sooo excited! I call them my gangsta heels, the white and black platforms. sigh...I <3 heels!

Jilli's look:

*Don't you think this dress is so DVF?
It is hard to channel a nightclub vibe in an office, especially Studio 54. I did my best! The print on this silk dress reminds me of the era, and I added some long sparkly beads. The sunglasses are to keep my fans at bay. ;)
Wednesday challenge: Fashion Trend- Color Blocking

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