Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Beer

Casie's look:

I love me a Mexican beer and my favorite is Negra Modelo. Bring on the chips and salsa, baby!

Kim's look:

Nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hot day. I have many favorites, so I went with an overall gold theme to represent the color of a good beer. I spruced myself up with my green Stella and Dot pendant and earrings, because Harp's from Ireland is definitely one of my favorites.

Lisa's look:

I've never found a beer I like, but Charles enjoys a Guinness occasionally so here you go:) This humidity made my hair do wacky things this morning. I finally just "glued" it down and said "stay there". Can I get an Amen for "hate your hair day!" Dress and necklace from Target and shrug from my mom. Oh hey - I didn't put on any earrings today!

Tricia's look:

Black and Tan Guinness was my inspiration today! I, like Lisadawn, do not have a favorite beer unless it's in reference to baking honey-beer bread (then I do prefer a good dark beer), but my husband when he does have a beer which is very rare likes a Guiness as well. I don't get to play the game much anymore, thanks to life muddling my thoughts lately, but I always check out everyone's submissions! I ♥ The Styling Game! Can't wait to get life back to normal, so we can participate more!
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  1. love this! i'm impressed by each of your creative takes. my favorite is Buffalo Stout... so i guess that would mean...... ;)