Thursday, March 15, 2012

Casie's look:

Today I am the white rabbit. I feel like this guy a lot- always one step behind where I should be. Last night I found out I somehow missed that I was supposed to be helping my kindergartener create a leprechaun trap that is due tomorrow. MAD DASH OF CRAFTING! We should be ok. There is a lot of glitter on my kitchen table, and one Barbie shoe has been sacrificed for the cause (which is causing my 3-year old no end of confusion cuz that shoe is for BARBIES). I don't have a pocket watch, so my giant skittle necklace will have to suffice. But hey, I managed a red jacket and blue pants, the gold shoes are my trade for the gold vest. I am certain I am late for a very important date or at least a grade school craft project.

jacket- thrifted
necklace- Ebay
jeans- Simply Vera Wang
shoes- Payless (they were originally bone colored but I painted them)

Rachelle's look:

Cheshire Cat.

Lisa's look:

I forgot to take a blog picture this morning, but Charles happened to take this one during breakfast. I am inspired today by the wonky dreamlike scenes from Alice in Wonderland (which I thought my shirt represented well). My necklace represents the caterpillar on the big mushroom.

Friday challenge: Rock, Paper, Scissors

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  1. i am in one-step-behind mode far, FAR too often.

    trying to change it. (*trying, being the key word)