Friday, March 30, 2012

Coral Reef

Casie's look:

I got lazy today. It was an unusual morning and I had not planned ahead. So you basically get a coral colored shirt for coral reef. But it works. But I am feeling guilty cuz usually I try much harder.

Top- Anthropologie

Ali's look:

Coral reefness! Coral shirt! Oceanic blue necklace & earrings! Spiky bracelet representing those crazy spiky blowfish! Sensible black pant and peep toe pumps representing conservative corporate disney look.

Jewelry: Bahari statement necklace, serenity earrings, renegade & Bardot spiral bracelets, all

Shirt: my favorite new store in fashion square mall. I don't even know what it's called.

Pants: banana republic

Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Say what you will but that girl can make a shoe!

Rachelle's look:

Reminds me of the corals in Hawaii :)

Jilli's look:

*ok, they are orange fish but it is PINK coral :)

My coral reef has pink fish swimming through it. The accessories reflect the ocean blue.

Old Navy, pants: Gap, shoes: Nine West (courtesy of Chelsea Dawn Spuck). Plus my mysterious Shanghai necklace makes a reappearance...

Lisa's look:

I'm back today. Coral reefs are amazing! I bet you will all be beautiful reefs today:)

Monday challenge: Liza Minnelli

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