Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stained Glass

Jilli's look:

Stained glass window-inspired patterned top with grey "lead" cardigan. Blouse: Old Navy, sweater: Brooks bros, earrings: Stella & Dot.

Casie's look:

Did you ever make one of those stained glass thingees when you were little?  You know, where you got all the little plastic colored beads and the stained glass frame.  Then you put the beads in the individual little areas (kind of like paint by number) then you baked it and everything melted and made a stained glass ornament?  I can still sing the make it and bake it oven song by heart. (It goes in with a sprinkle.  Comes out with a twinkle.  The make it and bake it oven). I never had the oven.  But I did love me a kit.  Aaaahhh....good times. 

Lisa's look:

Stained glass in muted tones.....

Friday challenge:  Camp Counselor

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meryl Streep Role

Kim's look:

Details of your incompetence do not interest me! Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada.

Suit not by Prada but by Classiques
Diamonds from my hubby

Casie's look:

I love Meryl Streep.  She cracks me up every time I see her do an interview or give a speech.  Forget her acting, she is a crack up in real life! I also have a love of Abba and overalls, so you get me being Meryl in Mamma Mia.  I really enjoy a lady that mixes alcohol and power tools.

tee- Target
dress- thrifted
shoes- Payless

Jilli's look:

 *you look totally like professional, don't mess with me lady today.  Love it.

Inspired by Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly. She was wearing a red belt and fabulous red/gold necklace with a black and white suit. I went with green instead of red for both accessories and layered my Stella & Dot necklaces to mimic that look. Green belt: Shanghai market, sweater/shirt/shoes: Banana Republic, pants: Gap.

Thursday challenge:   Stained Glass

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leave it to Beaver

Kim's look:

Now boys! More traditional Mrs Cleaver with pearls. But trampy shoes!

Casie's look:

I decided to be June Cleaver-y. I thought I would go out of the box by working Tahitian pearls.  I am crazy!  Tahitian pearls...wha????

necklace- gift from hubz
earrings- gift from MIL
dress- upcycled by moi from a mumu
shoes- Ebay

Jilli's look:

Modern June Cleaver. Note the "modern" pearls.

Wednesday look:  Meryl Streep Character

Friday, May 25, 2012

Purse Day

TODAY WAS A FREE DAY...but you had to show your innards and out-erds of your purse.  I really wanted to say ow-turds.  hee hee.

Casie's purse:

My purse is a place where things go to die.  It is also the catch-all of my life. I keep a lot of stuff in there because I am extremely forgetful and so I just stuff my purse with everything, thinking that when I need it, I usually have my purse with me.  Random items just pulled out of purse today (hair net, sock, three bows, shell, red string that I don't know what it is from, some green painted pre-school art. baggie containing the beads that broke off of my little one's "key chain",  plastic bubble thing that contained a toy from the dr's office).  See...all really important stuff. 

Mandy's purse:

The inside of my purse is much more interesting than the outside. Wallet, ID from the outreach center, anxiety meds for my son, inhaler for my daughter, trash, and who knows what else my kids have stuffed in there. :-)

Kim's purse:

I love this bag. It's a Michael Kors and I've had it forever. I especially love the hardware.

I'm a neatnik. What can I say?
*oh lady, I am not your people on neatness. :)

Jilli's purse:

 *My husband could never buy me a purse.  I am impressed.

My husband gave me this purse for my birthday. He always chooses accessories that are more fun than those I choose for myself! Inside I just have the basics since I just changed purses yesterday: wallet, sunglasses, keys, makeup, hairbrush, ID, etc. Also wore coordinating shoes! Purse: Nine West, shoes: Trotters (worst name ever!)

Lisa's purse:

Well, my favorite purse that I have carried for years broke recently, and I haven't gotten a replacement yet. But I heart my wallet very much - FossilThe rest of my 'purse" right now is basically the diaper bag if you want to see that. Lol

Monday challenge:  Leave it to Beaver

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The NeverEnding Story

Lisa's look:

 *here you get the best of BOTH worlds.  And totally not in a Hannah Montana kind of way.

Having an identity crisis today. Wanted to be the dog or the princess but Charles says I am clearly Atreyu. Maybe I am part of the set today. Anyway - comfy thrift store dress with pockets for a classic childhood film.

Nina's look:

*pretty all around.

My shirt color and design remind me of the childlike empress and the headpiece she wore. I have on iridiscent earrings that remind me of the kingdom.

Ali's look:

Atreyu!!! Leather "vest", earth tones, strappy sandals, a braid in the hair, and of course, the Oran (Oren?) necklace!
Tanks, old navy. Jeans, dkny. Jacket, KRMA. Snake orb pendant, sidewinder ring, goddess hoops, rhea bangles, all

Also I had a serious adolescent crush on Noah Hathaway.  *Also, seriously impressed that you knew this actor's name.

Casie's look:

*bah.  Boobs are kind of new to me cuz I recently gained a lot of weight.  I am having to learn that sometimes a shirt fits but not so much on your boobs.  This may be the last time you see this shirt.
I am the t-shirt of Bastian.  Grey and red.  I do own a grey and red ringer t-shirt, but it is my vintage Journey concert T.  I love it and all, but it just didn't seem right for the day.  

skirt- thrifted
shoes- Ebay
top- Target

Jilli's look:

 *oooo, you have the necklace and everything! One of my favorite things about the game is that it is kind of super secret.  I mean, if you didn't know Jilli was dressed up like Atreyu, you would just think she looked really good, but if you know, you are like OH, ATREYU! YES!

Inspired by Atreyu's vest and amulet. Sweater: Tahari, shoes: Corso Como, dress: Ross, necklace: gift from my husband!

Friday challenge:  
Purse Day!  
Free otherwise, but show me your purse.  And I will also require a peek inside.  Are you as messy as me in there?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Designer Inspiration- Junko Shimada

Jilli's look:

I love the designer inspiration challenges; they always get me to try new combinations. Today I went with a color pairing from opposite sides of the color wheel: purple/yellow instead of orange/blue and stripes instead of polka dots as the graphic. Added a long scarf with both colors and purple platforms. Although completely different I hope it reads like the originals.

Cardigan: H&M, dress: Old Navy, scarf: Banana Republic, shoes: Franco Sarto 
*Jilli's outfit is so awesome today that I might have wet my pants a little when I saw it.  Love the colors and the combo.  EVERYTHING!  I want that yellow striped dress!

Casie's look:

I did what I should NEVER do.  I did not try on my experimental outfit last night.  That meant that I was running around like a crazy person this morning trying to make the experiment work.  The dress I wanted to wear was not work appropriate, so I tried a shirt under it, two shirts over it, I tried folding down the top and wearing it as a skirt with two different belts.  I tried the bra over the top of the dress under the shirt to smooth it out.  I TRIED A LOT OF THINGS.  It did not work out, ladies (and gents).  So instead, I rock my Loretta dress.  It has a graphic, red and blue pattern and is a collared, shirt waist style dress, so there.  I wanted to rock a scarf at the neck too, but that experiment was going way wrong as well and I didn't have time to follow it through to a successful conclusion.  Sometimes getting dress is HARD.

dress- thrifted
shoes- target

Kim's look:

 *from the same Junko Shimada collection. Not only matches better, but very Mickey appropriate :)

Circular pattern!

Andi's look:  FIRST TIME PLAYER :)

 *this outfit is from the same collection and I thought it goes mo betta! (plus it has a "bra" mentioned below.  hee hee)
New player! Inspired by the color scheme! Andi Gibson, ladies and gentlemen! Jeans, MEK. Shoes, Marc Ecko. Bra, fredericks, tank, dunno. Jewelry, model's own. :)
*totally cracked up by the bra company shout out.

Ali's look:

Red statement necklace to emulate neck flowers! Layered colors! Color block shoes! Tanks, old navy & target. Jeans, Levi's. Shoes, 9 west. Campari necklace, serenity earrings, Bardot spiral bangle, all

Thursday challenge:  The NeverEnding Story