Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Network Personality

Ali's look:

Sandra Lee! Something about the sunny yellow color. Plus a sensible tunic seems apropos. Shirt - Ellison. Jeans - Levi's. Shoes - 9 west. Rebel pendant, heiress hoops, Jules ring all Stella & Dot. Yay!

Kim's look:

From Guy's line of Chef-wear
Guy Fieri - black top, chef patterned slacks and jewelry.

Nina's look:


For my outfit to pick up my kids today, I am sporting a Robert Irvine look. I even have a slight tint in my glasses as he does when he goes outside to either Dinner Impossible or Restaurant Impossible. My shirt, although a classic white like the great chefs usually wear, is a tight t to help show my inner Robert at his muscular best. I am wearing shorts (also, usually the color chefs wear with their kitchen smocks) to try and show at least one muscle, much like Chef Irvine does on all his shows! My stern look is reflective of the seriousness he has when speaking to his designer or restaurant owners who have let their places go to he$$!

Casie's look:

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives makes me real bad hungry.  There was this one episode where they tried cheeseburger soup at a diner and I knew I had to have it.  The link to the recipe is here.  It is sooooo good.  Mmmmm....droool.....cheeseburger soup. Guy Fieri seems to always wear a collard bowling or western shirt and chunky jewelry.  I was fresh out of wrist bands, so I left that out.

shirt and jeans- thrifted
jewelry- gifted
shoes- Target

Lisa's look:

check out the come hither eyes

Ok, this one was hard to narrow down! I love Duff (and pretty much everyone) on Ace of Cakes and Barefoot Contessa and the Neelys . I decided to be Alton Brown in his lab/chef coat. The candy thermometer was the closest science thing in the kitchen. The necklace is all the scientific samples in the kitchen/lab.

Jack's look:

Mini Alton (hee hee.  I like this kid.  He is funny). 

Jilli's look:

There was a time when Jilli and I plus our respected other loved people that we love wanted to be Iron Chef as a group Halloween costume.  Jilli, were you going to be the secret ingredient?

I like Iron Chef America, but I have special memories of the Japanese version. Loved the original Chairman and Kitchen Stadium, and particularly the hilarious dubbing! I remember when Morimoto came on the stage, his dishes looked amazing. So I am honoring Morimoto today in silver with red accents. Photo to come later once I finish my morning meetings!

I am also trying out what seems to be a new trend in a flesh-tone shoe; mine are gold. Interested to know what you guys think when I get the photo up.

Thursday challenge:  Casserole

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