Friday, May 18, 2012

Casie's look:

 *does my stache turn you on?
 *perhaps the best costume ever in the history of ever

This was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theatre.  Sigh.....old school Burt was so dreamy.  I could get lost in that mustache for days.  I knew when I saw this shirt in the thrift store that it was going to be JUST RIGHT for something.

shirt and pants- thrifted
boots- target
jewelry- gifted (let's face it, gifted jewelry is the best kind)

Jilli's look:

 *she's keepin it real and CASUAL...just like bandits do.

*And wearing her 18 wheels necklace too.

Kim's look:

*I feel how fast you are...I just feel it.

Well go girl, go!!

Monday challenge:  Nancy Drew


  1. Oh, yes. Burt Reynolds and that mustache. Soooo very fabulous. Tom Selleck's too. How come men have given up on the mustache? It's so fabulous!!!

  2. I like how we all were bandits today!