Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Air Balloon

Kim's look:

Stripes like a hot air balloon!  Top by Maryl Caryl.

Casie's look:

 foof!  blurry pic.  Sorry.

Still home with sicky. Mom chic in khaki "basket", yellow "balloon" T.

Jillian's look:

We rode Soarin' over California this weekend at Disneyland, and there is a scene where you come up over a mountain to a view of Napa Valley with hot air balloons scatterd through the valley. This blouse reminded me of the patterns on the balloons in that shot. Brown pants for the basket too. Another nice day in SoCal!

Lisa's look:

Hot Air Balloon. Forgot to take a picture before going out in the rain...Sweater is Boden USA that I got at the church rummage sale for $1 (my favorite price after 50 cents). The necklace was made in Rotan - Charles got it for me for Valentine's Day when I was pregnant with Jack. I think hot air balloons are so beautiful, but promise me you will never take me up in one!

Wednesday challenge:   Lucille Ball


  1. Especially good "inspiration" shots today Casie!

  2. I agree with Jilli, the hot air balloon pictures are PERFECT. What a fun inspiration!