Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beatrix Potter

Jilli's look:

 *the hat is killing me!  Man how I wish someone had worn a giant hat.

 *you look very spring-y today (get it...like it IS spring and rabbits SPRING around)  HAAAAA
Beatrix Potter makes me think of pastels and animals wearing jackets. Jacket and shoes: Target, pink top: Old Navy, rabbit brown pants: Gap.

Lisa's look:

 *as noted in the next entry....SEE she loves an animal in a jacket!

Peter Cotton Tail.

Casie's look:

 *I think the embroidery looks like a fence that Peter should definitely NOT mess with.

I love Beatrix Potter's illustrations.  I didn't go for any one particular character.  For starters, Ms. Potter seemed to love an animal in a jacket and it is HOT up in here.  I just was inspired by her color palette.

skirt- thrifted and upcycled
top- thrifted, vintate
shoes- thrifted

Wednesday challenge:   
Designer Inspiration- Junko Shimada (you choose which look you wanna BE)

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