Thursday, May 24, 2012

The NeverEnding Story

Lisa's look:

 *here you get the best of BOTH worlds.  And totally not in a Hannah Montana kind of way.

Having an identity crisis today. Wanted to be the dog or the princess but Charles says I am clearly Atreyu. Maybe I am part of the set today. Anyway - comfy thrift store dress with pockets for a classic childhood film.

Nina's look:

*pretty all around.

My shirt color and design remind me of the childlike empress and the headpiece she wore. I have on iridiscent earrings that remind me of the kingdom.

Ali's look:

Atreyu!!! Leather "vest", earth tones, strappy sandals, a braid in the hair, and of course, the Oran (Oren?) necklace!
Tanks, old navy. Jeans, dkny. Jacket, KRMA. Snake orb pendant, sidewinder ring, goddess hoops, rhea bangles, all

Also I had a serious adolescent crush on Noah Hathaway.  *Also, seriously impressed that you knew this actor's name.

Casie's look:

*bah.  Boobs are kind of new to me cuz I recently gained a lot of weight.  I am having to learn that sometimes a shirt fits but not so much on your boobs.  This may be the last time you see this shirt.
I am the t-shirt of Bastian.  Grey and red.  I do own a grey and red ringer t-shirt, but it is my vintage Journey concert T.  I love it and all, but it just didn't seem right for the day.  

skirt- thrifted
shoes- Ebay
top- Target

Jilli's look:

 *oooo, you have the necklace and everything! One of my favorite things about the game is that it is kind of super secret.  I mean, if you didn't know Jilli was dressed up like Atreyu, you would just think she looked really good, but if you know, you are like OH, ATREYU! YES!

Inspired by Atreyu's vest and amulet. Sweater: Tahari, shoes: Corso Como, dress: Ross, necklace: gift from my husband!

Friday challenge:  
Purse Day!  
Free otherwise, but show me your purse.  And I will also require a peek inside.  Are you as messy as me in there?

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