Friday, May 25, 2012

Purse Day

TODAY WAS A FREE DAY...but you had to show your innards and out-erds of your purse.  I really wanted to say ow-turds.  hee hee.

Casie's purse:

My purse is a place where things go to die.  It is also the catch-all of my life. I keep a lot of stuff in there because I am extremely forgetful and so I just stuff my purse with everything, thinking that when I need it, I usually have my purse with me.  Random items just pulled out of purse today (hair net, sock, three bows, shell, red string that I don't know what it is from, some green painted pre-school art. baggie containing the beads that broke off of my little one's "key chain",  plastic bubble thing that contained a toy from the dr's office).  See...all really important stuff. 

Mandy's purse:

The inside of my purse is much more interesting than the outside. Wallet, ID from the outreach center, anxiety meds for my son, inhaler for my daughter, trash, and who knows what else my kids have stuffed in there. :-)

Kim's purse:

I love this bag. It's a Michael Kors and I've had it forever. I especially love the hardware.

I'm a neatnik. What can I say?
*oh lady, I am not your people on neatness. :)

Jilli's purse:

 *My husband could never buy me a purse.  I am impressed.

My husband gave me this purse for my birthday. He always chooses accessories that are more fun than those I choose for myself! Inside I just have the basics since I just changed purses yesterday: wallet, sunglasses, keys, makeup, hairbrush, ID, etc. Also wore coordinating shoes! Purse: Nine West, shoes: Trotters (worst name ever!)

Lisa's purse:

Well, my favorite purse that I have carried for years broke recently, and I haven't gotten a replacement yet. But I heart my wallet very much - FossilThe rest of my 'purse" right now is basically the diaper bag if you want to see that. Lol

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