Monday, May 7, 2012

Gilligan's Island

Jillian's look:

In honor of the Skipper and Gilligan, my outfit is nautical-inspired. It is a beautiful day in Burbank, so I have no fears of a shipwreck.
By the way, I have also been singing the Gilligan's Island theme song all day!!! Pants and scarf: Gap, sweater: Nordstrom, landscaping: Disney studio lot.

Kim's look:

Got my Ginger animal print on! Remember that episode?

Lisa's look:

This is the sauciest looking Gilligan I ever did see.  Wowza!

Rachelle's look:

I was always fond of dear Maryann :)

Tuesday challenge:   hot air balloon

1 comment:

  1. fun!!

    wow... who knew gilligan could look so darn cute??