Friday, September 30, 2011

Somone Else Chooses Your Outfit

I love this idea and purposely saved it for a Friday when I knew that most dress codes would be more relaxed. I hope it was fun for everyone and not an exercise in ugly. :)

Casie's look:

Well, my family had fun with this one. I actually had a little choice in the matter. My 5 year-old developed a family contest. I had a meeting last night and while I was gone, she, my hubz and my 2 year-old each chose an outfit for me- complete with shoes and jewelry. When I got home, I had to choose and outfit. I went with the 5 year-old's pick. However, the baby did a great job too and I promised her that I will wear her outfit tomorrow. I consider this look to be very ladylike.

skirt and shoes- Old Navy thrifted
shirt- handmade by me

necklace- Stella & Dot

ring- ???
earrings- had them since like junior high or something

Tress' look:

Tress' outfit was picked out by her 4 year-old son, Charlie. He picked the necklace and the shirt and then got bored with the process (like you would if you were 4 and a boy). She through on the jeans cuz it is casual Friday. I think he chose an excellent version of boho chic for his mommy.

Jillian's look:

"I had to get out of the house early today so I resorted to my daughter selecting me her favorite necklace and 'slinky' bracelet. This is an interesting one though... i want to see what other folks experienced!"
Monday Challenge: Member of the Super Friends

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Wave

So today is New Wave. A world where black is very good and everyone just had their puppy stolen so they must appear sad and yet strangely detached. I did this look, I did. However I have had two folks that I love (one my hubby) tell me that my outfit is unattractive and I should never dress like this again. I guess it is true what they say about the fact that you can't cycle through a trend twice in your life. :) I had to tell them that when The Envelope throws down the gauntlet, I don't run away in fear.

And for my Jewish brothers and sisters: Happy New Year!

Tress' look:

"I used my daughter's headband for this challenge! This peace sign necklace is from the early 90's when "peace signs" and yin-yang signs were big."

Casie's look:

*when i got to work, I noticed my shoe is broken- VERY New Wave.

*notice my collar is buttoned to the top and yes, those are pineapples.

* This bracelet make it nearly impossible to work at all. It makes me surly- very New Wave.

* I know I should not be smiling but the alternative was VERY unattractive.

I knew I bought this vintage Espirit shirt for a reason. It was just calling to me. The tag says Espirit 1986- that would have been junior high for me. Way before I got my ninth grade New Wave boyfriend, who taught me about baggy pants and dark lipstick. I feel like this shirt might be singing me a Smith's song. Can you hear it?

Shirt- Espirit, thrifted
skirt- thrifted
tights and earrings- Target
bracelet- Ebay
shoes- BCBG, Ebay

Kaitanya's look:

*general fierceness

"Hi there. I'm stuck in a time warp or fashion truly does repeat itself every 20 years. the spider man is having me for dinner tonight"

Jilli's look:

"Ah, new wave... sullen teens, dressed in black, big hair. I went with a dark eye (couldn't find my red lipstick a la Robert Smith) and a bad attitude. Boots in lieu of a combat boot. Don't forget the sleeve over the hand. And for some reason, I associate plaid with new wave. This was not really my style (no kidding!) but I still feel close to it. Love ya Ali!"

Friday challenge: Someone else picks your outfit
***It can be a spouse, a friend, a kid, a stranger from the street (although this option might not be so safe). They get to pick the outfit, shoes and accessories. You do have veto power based on appropriateness, but other than is out of your control. SCARY! Unless you are married to Rachel Roy and even then maybe- SCARY!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birth Stone

ooooo birthstones are pretty. Not that I don't have my own little diamond, but in the end, I don't know what all the hubbub is when these semi-precious guys are so darn precious.

Jillian's look:

"June birthday = alexandrite. My favorite ring varies between shades of purple, blue, and teal. I chose this shirt to represent the colors and also the faceting of the jewel. Close up of the ring to come (you've seen it before but it's so relevant to the topic!)"

Casie's look:

My birthstone is garnet. Even if it wasn't, it is my FAVORITE stone. Which is why I had a crapload of jewelry to wear today. Bit of trivia. I made the necklace. The pendant is an earring. I loved the set but lost one. It is an upcycle. ;)

shirt- Charlott Russe, thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- Two Lips, thrifted
necklace- handmade
earrings and bracelet- street market in France
ring- the mom in law

Kaitanya's look:

Another November birthday. We got some serious Topaz ladies up in here.

Tress' look:

Topaz. You can go yellow or blue. I like blue topaz.

Dress: Target (love the red dot boutique)
tank (Gap)
tights (Vera Wang for Kohls)
jewelry is blue topaz (gifts from the MIL and hubz)
bracelets are Stella and Dot

Kim's look:

"I was born in November - Orange Topaz!!"

Dress by the fabulous Mary Caryl
shoes Nine West
jewelry Silpada!

Thursday challenge: New Wave

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Martha Stewart

Well, before I got married, when I was all obsessed with all things wedding, Martha reigned supreme in my life. Then I got a life and now I don't have much time for her kind of perfection. BUT....she does make a lovely table scape. And her style, while perhaps on the boring side, is VERY comfortable. And she likes chickens and dogs, two things that make me smile.

Chelsea's look:

"I went a little "prison Martha"...note the "everything's ok" smile. I chose a sensible and conservative black anthropologie turtleneck with prison striped banana republic pants. Complimented by hand cuff and chains."

jewelry- Stella & Dot

Casie's look:

My image of Martha a crisp button-down top with comfortable pants and sensible flats. She does occasionally accessorize, but not that often. I am wearing a necklace here but I figure it is the kind Martha would wear if given the choice. It is handmade (not by me), so it flaunts the crafty (in a totally tasteful and expensive, yet muted looking way).

Kim's look:
"When I think Martha Stewart, I think floral arrangements, which I celebrate with a teal, purple and white floral dress!"
Dress by MaryCaryl
shoes by Shoe Dazzle
and jewelry by Stella and Dot

Jilli's look:

"When I looked up Martha, I was surprised that she doesn't wear much jewelry, just a small signature earring. Collared shirt, possibly a sweater, tailored pant, and I assumed Martha would wear a functional shoe.
You see 2 tops here since I got a hole in the purple shirt and so had to change to the cardigan. Two looks for the price of one!

Tress' look:

"Martha is queen of the button down. I also seem to have her bags under my eyes this morning. Late night with kiddos. Day care crud."

Wednesday challenge: Your birthstone