Monday, September 26, 2011

Punky Brewster

I don't even remember if I watched Punky Brewster. I think I must have at least a little. Anywho, I am impressed by the homage's to other characters on the show because the only one I remembered besides Punky was her dad. Oh stodgy older person with your feathers ruffled by a free are the makings of sitcom genius.

Jilli's look:

*mmmm...purply 80's-ness

"Didn't quite get there on this one... when I think Punky, I think bright colors and the 80's. So, I went with a bright purple sweater and lots of arm bangles! I had intentions of a flowered hair accessory but it didn't make it out of the house. I also have on blue pants in honor of the ubiquitous blue jeans in Punky's wardrobe."

Tress' look:

"When I think Punky, I think about her denim jacket and pin. I don't have a denim jacket but this shirt served its purpose."'

Pants-old navy,
scarf-target, shirt-target, brooch-LOFT, bracelets-Stella and Dot

Chelsea's look:

*Note what land they are in...

"When I think Punky, I thing rainbows! I went with my only rainbow colored top (anthropologie) and bright navy pants (limited) with kicky brown nine west shoes. I need to track down some sweatbands. Never understood why that girl was so sweaty."

Kim's look:

"Today I channeled two characters from Punky Brewster. First, Margaux - Punky's bratty friend. Margaux loved her bows and frills, and I believe the adult Margaux would LOVE awesome shoes. I went with a soft brown color today in honor of Brandon, Punky's Golden Retriever."

Ann Taylor scarf
Paul Smith sweater
9 West slacks
and shoes by the fabulous Gwen Stefani LAMB line

Kaitanya's look:

And that's right, she is rocking a Cherie Johnson headband.

Casie's look:

*I kind of love the expression on my face in the photo on the top. :)

Well my adult Punky Brewster is a fan of brights and never repeating a color in an outfit. Coral dress, hot pink shoes, turquoise necklace, and once I got outside and realized it was chilly, I added the navy jacket.

jacket-Forever 21
dress- Target
shoes- Payless
necklace and bracelet- Stella & Dot

Tuesday challenge: Martha Stewart

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