Wednesday, September 21, 2011


That scene from "The Music Man" where the women in the town do a performance of "One Grecian Urn" has been running through my head since I pulled this one out of the envelope. And I suppose you could always go with Greek like sorority and fraternity-ness or Grecian Formula. I do enjoy a gyro a great deal. I wonder if anyone will dress up like a gyro? hmmmm....I think I must be hungry.

Chelsea's look:

Chelsea has gone all gladiator on our behinds. It works.

Chelsea 2's look:

"Inspired by the Mediterranean and clearly the bare end of summer, I thought of the empire structure of this vintage dress shouted "wear me on Grecian day!" (so did Grecian flip flops, not seen here). This dress was a steal at a small charity vintage shop in Palm Desert."

Casie's look:

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one. Then I remembered I have this drapey-lu-lu maxi dress that would do the trick. To my surprise, some of the trim on the dress is VERY Grecian. Score! I am wearing a necklace as a headband for my goddessy indicator. I am going Athena today and so I am wearing an owl necklace. I also have on apple earrings. Athena was one of the goddesses fighting over the golden apple when all that Trojan War mess got started. Silly goddesses.

Kim's look:

"For today's challenge, I went with a flowy turquoise number and strappy high sandals!"
I think she looks like the beautiful turquoise waters of Greece.

Dress by Elana Kattan
unknown sweater
shoes by ShoeDazzle
jewelry by Stella and Dot

Jilli's look:

"OK so my normal work travel attire does not include anything drapey or flowing or off-the-shoulder, so I'm getting a bit creative today. Inspired by the ladies of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I went with a cardigan over a shell, gold jewelry (slight cross motif in the necklace), and wavy hair. And yes, it is 6:30am Eastern time...

Kaitanya's look:

She descends from Olympus all aglitter in starlight...

Tress' look:

I think Tress looks like she has gone on a Greek Cruise and she is walking about the streets of some Greek village in her Grecian peasant shirt. Breezy and lovely!

Thursday challenge: Character from Toy Story (1,2 or 3)

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