Friday, September 23, 2011

Garden Gnome

They made a movie out of them for pete's sake. The are much beloved. I don't own a garden gnome, but maybe it is time that I did.

Casie's look:

I find myself at a total loss in the tunic department. Also in the red hat department. As you will later see, a lack of a red hat is not an excuse. So I am going with a simulated tunic in the traditional gnome-esque color of royal blue. Belt and boots complete the look- with a red bow in the hair as a nod to the missing hat.

Kim's look:

"I love garden
gnomes, but I think their outfits can be a bit boring. I went with the look of the traditional German gnome, Josef the Shelfsitter - but blinged it up with my sparkly top! Top by Piace Fashion, brown cords by Marlowe (the most comfortable pants in the world), jewelry by Stella and Dot. Had to lose the hat - it's supposed to be 90 degrees here today..."

Ali's look:

"Embroidered shirt, shorts and boots. Vaguely gnomey."

Instead of vaguely, I shall call it "a hint of gnome". Almost sounds like the new scent of Axe deodorant.

Shirt, Romeo & Juliet Couture shorts, target maternity boots, steve madden

Chelsea's look:

"My only experience with Garden gnomes was when in high school we stole a friend's stone garden squirrel (which weighed a million pounds) and then wrapped it up and gave it back to her as a gift. I was a rebel. However, when I think tradit...ional garden gnome, I think belted tunic and boots. So, naturally, I have a few of those floating around. No...I have one. Thankfully, it was clean. Now I intend to spend the
rest of the day sitting on someone's lawn or sneaking off to random places and jumping on the hotel bed so my hat sticks to the ceiling."

little roaming gnome in my office...anthropologie tunic, Target leggings and nine west grey boots. Hat and Beard from my personal office supply collection (no office supplies were harmed during the napping of this photograph).

Jilli's look:

"When I think garden gnome, I think belted vest. I don't know why. So that's what I have gone with. Add in the boots and the necklace to mimic a beard and here it is: Jilli gnome."

Monday's look: Punky Brewster

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