Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Michelle Obama

I love Ms. Obama's style. I am particularly fond of her fondness for a kicky belt to "make" an outfit. I also find her style to be very accessible and entirely lacking in any "pantsuit chic" or "junior league overload" of certain other of our first ladies. Not that MANY of the former FL's don't have loads of style (insert Jackie Kennedy here). So enjoy this homage to Banana Republic and JCrew...wait, I mean Michelle Obama.

Jillians look:

"Inspired by Michelle Obama: fitted dress, v-neck cardigan in a bright color, pearls, straight hair. I think I dress a bit like her in my regular life, perhaps with fewer colors and fewer muscles."

dress: Macy's
sweater: H&M
shoes: Banana Republic
necklace: Stella & Dot

Ali's look:

"Oh Michelle. You love a cardigan. You love a print dress. And you love a sensible kitten heel. Most of all I always notice a love of a brooch or a fab necklace so I gave you both. Plus a respectable diamond stud."

Dress: motherhood maternity from Macy's
Sweater: target
Kitten heels: I forget
welry: turquoise la coco necklace, paradise brooch,
Casie's look:

I had to go bright cardigan with a belt and pearls. I was very impressed when I asked my husband what he thought the theme was and he said, "Presidential wife." Guess I rocked it! :)

sweater: Target
belt: thrifted
skirt: thrifted

shoes: old as dirt and from Nordstrom Rack

necklace: Ebay

Windy's look:

"I went with the timeless LBD. I tried for an inspirational First Lady pose – looking to the future…"

Tress' look:

This is Tress' first day challenging (technically it was yesterday, but she forgot to take a pic) :). I especially like the addition of a brooch. Michelle is quite the accessorizor.

Shirt Ann taylor
Shoes areosole 2- (a girls gotta teach)
Jewelery Stella and dot

Thursday challenge: Wine and Cheese


  1. Love Michelle~ she always has the best accessories!

  2. Thanks, Maggie. I totally heart all of Michelle's brooches and belts!