Monday, September 12, 2011


I tend to think of Picasso as very abstract, but in researching this theme, I find that he did some pretty straightforward paintings as well. Mainly when I hear the name Picasso, that Counting Crows song "Mr. Jones" starts running through my head. Then I feel the need to find a gray guitar and play. My hubby has a black one and my daughter has a purple one (bejeweled in pink), but no gray guitars.

Upon further research, I now know that you can find a gray electric guitar but not so much a gray acoustic one. You can get a steel guitar. I never feel the shiny option is a bad trade...

Casie's look:

I am not really a water sport person. I like being in the water, but I don't like being wet. This is a problem. I would enjoy the magical power of instant dryness. However, I have this thing for vintage bathing beauties. I find them to be lovely. So imagine my happiness at finding this Picasso painting, "The Bathers".

My striped dress mimics the striped bathing suit of the standing bather. In a pinch, this could also represent Picasso's penchant for a striped T later in life.

dress, legging, earrings and shoes: Target
necklace: Ebay
bracelets: Ebay, France, hand me down

Jillian's look:

This outfit is an homage to Picasso's blue period.
shirt- Target
pants- Gap
shoes- Nine West

necklace- unknown boutique in Shanghai

Windy's look:

Windy also sent me a more artistic version of her picture all tinged in blue. I liked this one best because it shows her pretty smile. This is Windy's version of "The O
ld Guitarist". Now I have to find a gray guitar again...

Kim's look:

Kim is on vacation in Scotland and yet still finds time and inspiration to play the game. I love that kind of ambition! She is representing Picasso's rose period.

shirt- INC (Macy's)
jewelry- Silpada
Tress' look:

Excellent Picasso-osity.

Tuesday challenge: Film Noir

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