Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspirational Women

I like this challenge a lot. Ali came up with it. The thing is, it got me thinking about all kinds of women who inspire me and the reasons why. And as you will see, we were all inspired in different ways. Here's to women!

This blog started as a way for me to have fun and be creative. I hope it can inspire others to do the same. I know it is hard to be creative when you are a busy woman in a busy world. I want the Styling Game to be a fun and inspiring way for people to exercise their personal style and do something creative and fun that we can all share together. I am bowled over with joy at all the gals who are playing. You have no idea how much it makes me smile to see the pictures everyday. Keep going. I am addicted to the fun you have brought into my life. WOO HOO!

Jilli's look:

Jilli was inspired by her mom. I know her mom well and I can say she is so full of life and so strong.

"Today's style challenge: an inspiring woman. I choose my mom: raising 3 girls as a single parent, always supporting what we wanted in life (boyfriends, husbands, where we live, jobs, travel), and making sure we always stay connected! When I... think of memories of my mom, I remember the special moment we had at my wedding, so I used that to inspire my style today. The patterned blouse with skirt, and hint of corsage at the waist. And of course the big smile - definitely inspired by my inspiring mom!!!"

Casie's look:

*actually, Patti Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris are kind of musical heroes to me (pictured here with Buddy Miller from their project- Three Girls and Their Buddy). If I was just off-camera in this pic, someone would probably be trying to revive me from the fainting spell (brought on by too much greatness in one room) and I would hope I was wearing my Depends because I am pretty sure I would have wet my pants with joy.

I was inspired by Shawn Colvin today. Ms. Colvin is one of the biggest influences on my songwriting. Her songs are so soulful and real. I think of her look as Boho Texan, so I decided to wear this floral babydoll dress and my cowboy boots (shout out to my home state!). I am also wearing my heart pendant in honor of the pic on the front of her Fat City album (see the heart necklace she is holding up?). This is my favorite Shawn Colvin album and Fat City is my favorite Shawn Colvin song.

dress- thrifted
boots- Ariat
necklace- Ebay

Windy's look:

Rosie the Riveter. Rosie is a symbol of all that women did to keep up the homefront during WWII. I think sometimes we think of women during this time as just waiting for the boys to come home. No way! They went to work, they kept the home fires burning, they got creative and found new ways to feed families in spite of rations, they grew victory gardens. Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without! These women were strong!

the scarf is actually Hermes
the top is Ann Taylor
the pin is Stella & Dot

Kaitanya's look:

"The women of the Black Panther Party are an inspiration to me. Their tireless work for freedom and social justice, as well as their academic achievments have been a motivating force in my life's vision. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!"

I have to admit, I don't know a lot about the Black Panthers but I do know Kaitanya. She is a single mom of two adorable girls (among many other amazing things) and that inspires me all over the place.

Kim's look:

*I don't know the person in the doggie pic, but I thought it was a great example of the folks Kim is inspired by.

Today is Kim's first time playing. I love her message.

"For my first post to the group in honor of inspirational women, I've chosen to wear pink and my bronze dog paw necklace for all of my friends in the dog world who are battling or have battled women's cancers. I salute you, my friends!

Friday challenge: The Great Gatsby

***We are taking the day off for Memorial Day! Just to let you know ahead of time, so I will be posting the TUESDAY challenge tomorrow.


  1. You certainly have some wonderful inspiration!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Style is fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously, eh? ~Serene

  2. Right back at ya with the thanks. You are so right. If it isn't fun, it isn't worth wearing.