Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

Jilli's look:

"Back to school"... am I the only one who started singing the opening number from Grease 2? In honor of Stephanie Zinone, I am wearing my favorite "pink ladies" satin shirt, blue tank, pencil skirt, and black flats (I think I remember that Stephanie changes from her capri pants in the opening song to a skirt once she enters the school). I also have big hoop earrings inspired by the movie one-sheet. Later guys... whoa, whoa, I gotta go, back to school... again!"

shirt/tank H&M
skirt DKNY
shoes Corso Como

silver jewelry from my grandma!

Kim's look:

"Back to school in So Cal! It's always hot on the first day of school, and to me, it meant new clothes and shoes. To celebrate, I'm in my new tank top with ruching on the side, jeans, and new sandals."

Tank by Mary Caryl
sandals by Nine West
Jeans by Joe's
jewelry by Silpada and Stalla and Dot

Ali's look:

"In honor of all moms who are breathing a sigh of relief to have their kiddos back in school, I give you spa day. Robe by dreamy cotton. Honey bath with rose petals followed by hour prenatal massage followed by special hour mommy facial. Aaahhhh...."

Casie's look:

*the yearbook pic is not me, but you get the idea

I only remember a couple of my first day of school outfits, but one of them was for sixth grade. I wore a large red button up shirt like a jacket over a more fitted button up turquoise shirt with a red plaid skinny tie, all with jeans. This is my more modern homage to that outfit.

belt- ??
jeans- Gloria Vanderbilt, thrifted
tank- Charlotte Russe
jacket- thrifted

shoes- Target
necklace- Ebay

Windy's look:

"Ok, so this is basically a reproduction of what I wore to my 8:00 Freshman English Class at SFA. Note the bedhead."

Wednesday challenge: Michelle Obama

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