Monday, September 19, 2011

Favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor

I kind of really wanted to go with the new B&J's flavor Schweddy Balls (after the Alec Baldwin SNL skit). But I decided that I would go with favorite and not most hilarious. Oh Ben and Jerry. You have somehow politicized ice cream. Your deliciousness level is matched only by your fat content. You are loved. You may be love. Love in pint sized containers....

Kaitanya's look:

SHE'S BACK! and looking yummy as Cherry Garcia.

Casie's look:

I love me some Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. It is the perfect flavor combination- sweet, creamy coffee with bits of chocolate and salty, sweet toffee. I don't allow myself the pleasure very often because I can kill a pint of this in nothing flat. The dress and jacket are my coffee and creaminess. The shoes and the jacket have caramel accents.

dress and jacket- thrifted
shoes- Ebay

Chelsea's look:

"YUM YUM YUM!! I went with Boston Cream Pie. Chocolate? Good. Creamy custardy deliciousness? Good. Moist cakey base? Goooood. All spun together in vanilla ice cream? So goooooood.
This was an easy look. Cream Pie Top by Ted Baker USA, brown chocolatey skirt by Zara, Red cherry on top of pie shoes are Christian Lou
boutin. Yum yum yum. All I need is a spoon!!"

Tress' look:

"I was inspired by Chunky Monkey--my favorite flavor. There are chunks of bannana, chocolate and nuts. I am loving this game because I have an excuse to take the kiddos to Ben and Jerry's after work today for a fun treat."

Jilli's look:

"Although my favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia, I went with NY Super Fudge Chunk today, another super star flavor! In honor of our US financial capital, NYC, I went with a business suit in a fudgy brown color. The 'super' is my superman cape in red. And of course a chunky heel. Now I am headed to the airport and will be picking up an ice cream snack for the plane!"

suit- Anne Klein
shoes- Matisse
wrap- Ebay

Kim's look:

"Celebrating Ben and Jerry's flavor honoring Stephen Colbert - AMERICONE - in red, white and blue! I'm a big fan of both Colbert and Ben and Jerry's! "
Blue stone necklace and earrings by Silpada
red tank by INC
white swing jacket by Splendid
white slacks by Tahari.
Windy's look:

"This has to be my laziest Styling Challenge ever…I tried to figure out if what I was wearing would translate into a Ben & Jerry’s flavor! The result is – Pistachio Pistachio!"

My pistachio colored polka-dot sweater is from Banana Republic
Jeans are Delia’s.

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  1. hahahaha! I love this idea! Someone should do playdough ice cream, thought its not a ben and jerry's flavor. My work supplies free BYU Creamery ice cream whenever we want it, and oh my goodness, it means trouble!


  2. @ Heather- I wish I had frozen yogurt on tap in my office. Now that would be a benefit to everything but my behind. :)