Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Gatsby

I read this book a long time ago, but the what I remember most is the pictures it painted in my head. Have any of you seen Midnight in Paris? That film has the same sentimental essence for me. You can get caught up in it and stop seeing things for what they really are. I, being a lover of all things vintage, can easily forget things like polio and the Great Depression when I am all caught up in the idea of me in a beaded gown and cloche hat. Ah well...

Jilli's look:

"For the Great Gatsby style challenge, I took the theme of appearances being deceiving. Once I take off the cardigan, the outfit emerges. In honor of Daisy, I went with a flower theme for the shirt."

shirt: Banana
cardigan: Brooks Bros
jewelry: Stelle & Dot

Kaitanya's look:

Doesn't she just look like she needs some bathtub gin? You do the Charleston, girl!

Casie's look:

My bestie, Ali, bought me this dress. I heart it a lot, but I am just going to put it out there (in the interest of truth in advertising) that I have to wear some major spanx for this not to be indecently tight across the bum. Pastel, diaphanous, flapper graphic...GATSBY! (said in a whispery jazz hands voice)

dress and shoes: Ebay
belt: handmade from an old shirt of the hubz

Ali's look:

She is looking demure in this lovely cloche hat. Ali says that they were fresh out of maternity flapper wear up in the store they call Ali's closet.

Windy's look:

Drop waist loveliness. Not everyone can pull off this shape and look so pretty. I love it that Windy pillaged the dress up box for accesories (VERY resourceful).

skirt is actually a thrifted dress
top is Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace is Stella & Dot
I got the scarf out of my daughter’s costume drawer

Remember we are not challenging on Labor Day, so this is the TUESDAY challenge:
Back to School

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