Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Martha Stewart

Well, before I got married, when I was all obsessed with all things wedding, Martha reigned supreme in my life. Then I got a life and now I don't have much time for her kind of perfection. BUT....she does make a lovely table scape. And her style, while perhaps on the boring side, is VERY comfortable. And she likes chickens and dogs, two things that make me smile.

Chelsea's look:

"I went a little "prison Martha"...note the "everything's ok" smile. I chose a sensible and conservative black anthropologie turtleneck with prison striped banana republic pants. Complimented by hand cuff and chains."

jewelry- Stella & Dot

Casie's look:

My image of Martha a crisp button-down top with comfortable pants and sensible flats. She does occasionally accessorize, but not that often. I am wearing a necklace here but I figure it is the kind Martha would wear if given the choice. It is handmade (not by me), so it flaunts the crafty (in a totally tasteful and expensive, yet muted looking way).

Kim's look:
"When I think Martha Stewart, I think floral arrangements, which I celebrate with a teal, purple and white floral dress!"
Dress by MaryCaryl
shoes by Shoe Dazzle
and jewelry by Stella and Dot

Jilli's look:

"When I looked up Martha, I was surprised that she doesn't wear much jewelry, just a small signature earring. Collared shirt, possibly a sweater, tailored pant, and I assumed Martha would wear a functional shoe.
You see 2 tops here since I got a hole in the purple shirt and so had to change to the cardigan. Two looks for the price of one!

Tress' look:

"Martha is queen of the button down. I also seem to have her bags under my eyes this morning. Late night with kiddos. Day care crud."

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