Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toy Story Character

Did you ever have a toy that you loved to pieces forever and ever? I didn't. I know there was a sauce pot that I was VERY fond of as a baby (it was so versatile- drum, step stool, etc.), but I gave it up at some point. Ali has a stuffed Monkey (named Monkey) that she has had since like birth or something. That little guy is well loved to the nth power. He lives in a special pillowcase with a secret Monkey pocket that I made for him for her birthday a while back. He has needed some repairs over the years, but in the love department, he always delivers.

Tress' look:

If we don't have an Andy...we don't have a story at all.

Chelsea 2's look:

"So, today at work, we were asked to wear workout clothes for a GOOD video. I still wanted to remain true to the theme too (what a conundrum)! I noticed Barbie was very 80s workout-esque, so I followed suit with 80s workout gear. Notice the magenta leggings and the off-the-shoulder GOOD T from American Apparel, and the sweaty workout headband. So, barbie (and jillian, I see) this is inspired by you!"

Jillian's look:

Jilli is Ken-riffic in her styling turquoise cravat. Ken deserves some props for dealing with a girl who CANNOT figure out what job she wants to do. Pick one, Barbie. For Pete's sake!

Casie's look:

I am sporting the colors of Buzz light year today with my purple shell and lime green cardigan. I also feel that the lucite beads on my necklace mimic the spherical transparency of Buzz's helmet (that's right, I said spherical transparency).

Kim's look:

"A simple black cardigan and slacks over a white shell, accessorized with crystal jewelry that represents ice and the frozen world of penguins!"

Cardigan by Banana Republic
shell and slacks by Tahari
jewelry by Silpada

Chelsea's look:

"A little orange trim for a jaunty spark-throwing robot? silver robot top by Ted Baker, Orange robot belt is anthropologie, orange robot bracelet is stella & dot, silver spark-throwing shoes by Christian Louboutin, black robot pants by Banana Republic, orange hair thing-o by Goody."

Friday challenge: Garden Gnome


  1. i love this post! what a cute idea!

  2. Thanks. We have a lot of fun with our dress up games. I mean, you gotta get dressed, right? Might as well be fun. :)