Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Wave

So today is New Wave. A world where black is very good and everyone just had their puppy stolen so they must appear sad and yet strangely detached. I did this look, I did. However I have had two folks that I love (one my hubby) tell me that my outfit is unattractive and I should never dress like this again. I guess it is true what they say about the fact that you can't cycle through a trend twice in your life. :) I had to tell them that when The Envelope throws down the gauntlet, I don't run away in fear.

And for my Jewish brothers and sisters: Happy New Year!

Tress' look:

"I used my daughter's headband for this challenge! This peace sign necklace is from the early 90's when "peace signs" and yin-yang signs were big."

Casie's look:

*when i got to work, I noticed my shoe is broken- VERY New Wave.

*notice my collar is buttoned to the top and yes, those are pineapples.

* This bracelet make it nearly impossible to work at all. It makes me surly- very New Wave.

* I know I should not be smiling but the alternative was VERY unattractive.

I knew I bought this vintage Espirit shirt for a reason. It was just calling to me. The tag says Espirit 1986- that would have been junior high for me. Way before I got my ninth grade New Wave boyfriend, who taught me about baggy pants and dark lipstick. I feel like this shirt might be singing me a Smith's song. Can you hear it?

Shirt- Espirit, thrifted
skirt- thrifted
tights and earrings- Target
bracelet- Ebay
shoes- BCBG, Ebay

Kaitanya's look:

*general fierceness

"Hi there. I'm stuck in a time warp or fashion truly does repeat itself every 20 years. the spider man is having me for dinner tonight"

Jilli's look:

"Ah, new wave... sullen teens, dressed in black, big hair. I went with a dark eye (couldn't find my red lipstick a la Robert Smith) and a bad attitude. Boots in lieu of a combat boot. Don't forget the sleeve over the hand. And for some reason, I associate plaid with new wave. This was not really my style (no kidding!) but I still feel close to it. Love ya Ali!"

Friday challenge: Someone else picks your outfit
***It can be a spouse, a friend, a kid, a stranger from the street (although this option might not be so safe). They get to pick the outfit, shoes and accessories. You do have veto power based on appropriateness, but other than is out of your control. SCARY! Unless you are married to Rachel Roy and even then maybe- SCARY!

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