Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spice Girls

Ok, when I met my husband (mind you, we were both 25- far past the Tiger Beat days) he had a Spice Girls poster on the wall of his room (and yet I still married him). It was only half a joke. He was kind of a little in love with Posh Spice. She is still a looker, that Victoria Beckham. I modeled my hair cut after hers. Any whoodle...I like the Spice Girls. They are fun and I think they had a good message about girl power and independence. And they never took themselves too seriously, so I think they get their own joke. Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhhh.

Chelsea Spice:

Chelsea is paying homage to the Spice Girls reunion tour. I call her a spice rub.

"So I had this whole outfit planned out: leopard body suit with orange thigh highs, but remembered I had a client meeting. So, instead I went a little more English (thanks Ted!), a little more "posh" (pre-nose job) and a little more leather."

Jacket: Ted Baker
Top: Ella Moss
Skirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Free People. Brilliant!

Tress Spice:

"Girl Power!!!! I was inspired by sporty today. And, to be honest, it was a nice change from all of the dresses that I have been wearing. My students asked, "Are we working out or doing yoga today?"

Jilli Spice:

"OK so I realize if I use the "Casie method" for determining styling game success, my husband would not say "Spice Girls" when asked to guess today's theme. As with all of my choices, there is a story behind this one... when I think of Spice Girls, at first I think of the names: Scary, Posh, Sporty, etc. I realized none of those fit me and I can't imagine what in my wardrobe would apply (and be work-appropriate). But then when I think a bit more, Spice Girls are about "girl power", right? Portraying a confident, sexy, capable woman who can do her job, live her life, and be comfortable in her skin. So, that's what I went with today. Sparkly jewelry, slightly sheer top, purple peep-toe platforms (had to be platforms for spice girls), spiky hair... and still professional. Hope it comes across. I'm feeling good about it! "
Shirt- Banana Republic
Pants- Gap
Shoes- Franco Sarto

Jewelry- Nordstrom Rack
Hair- Flat Ironed!
Belt- Nine West

Casie Spice:

*this is the best sexy Spice Girl face I had.

I really wanted to go Ginger, but I could not find anything in my closet approximating the Union Jack look, so I decided on Posh instead. This is my "Corporate Posh" look. I wore the most figure hugging (AKA tight) dress I have that is still office appropriate and ridiculously high heels. At least they are ridiculous for me. I also added some bling to further my personal poshness. The hubby likes it (what with his Posh crush and all).

Dress and belt- handed down from Ali
Shoes- Colin Stuart, Eb
Assorted bling- momma's day gift, Target

Chelsea Spice 2 (first time player!):

"So I don't know how to do this because I'm a newbie, but originally I was inspired by going to Spice World (yes at the Dome in HW wearing a patent white leather jacket just to be out shined by my mom in a pink mini dress and pigtails on the right. We have a very enthusiastic family). Today, as you can see, I'm sporting the sporty spice go-to: animal prints! I have leopard skinny jeans from HM (fit like a glove and make m y le gs look like sticks), Black simple top from Express, and HOT black platform pumps from Zara (*cough* I mean Chelsea Dawn Spuck's closet). Yes, I did go to work in this - we have a very relaxed office dress code: hipster status."

Windy's look:

"I decided on Baby Spice. I found a picture with a blazer and a plaid skirt, and reversed the colors to a black jacket and red plaid skirt. Note my vapid expression!"

Skirt – Aerie
Jacket – Ann Taylor
Shoes – Forever 21.

Friday Challenge:
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  1. guys are so funny! I was totally a big fan of the spice girls. I loved collecting their bubblegum stickers. Thanks for your comments :)

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  2. This is so much fun! I love the Spice Girls and play them for my girls in the car when we're out and about. I loved Sporty Spice when I was a teenager but probably identify more with Posh style-wise.

    The Suburb Experiment