Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mad Men

I have a confession to make....I don't watch Mad Men (GASP!). I watched the first season, but I am one of those sensitive types. It was just too stressful to be enjoyable for me. But it is soooooo PRETTY to look at. I think I may try again ala dvd. Maybe not having to wait week to week for things to sort themselves out (or not) will be easier on my tender heart.

Chelsea's look:

"This one is my favorite so far...mostly because this is just how I dress anyway! Why oh why can't we just bring all this back! I might even take up smoking at work. I must thank Banana Republic for my blouse and high-wasted pencil skirt,... Ted Baker for my sweater, Stella & Dot for my pearls and Nordstrom for my pin. And Elisabeth Moss for my style...who'da known I wasn't a trampy baby daddy-stealing January Jones or a curvalicious Christina Hendricks!"

Kaitanya's look:

Kaitanya decided to pay homage to the comfort associated with a classic A-line 60's maternity dress. And if it is the 60's and you are pregnant, you have to smoke. I think back then, smoking and pregnancy was like folic acid and pregnancy now.

Tress' look:

And Tress as...the wife.

Dress-Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes-Payless, I think
Earrings-Vintage (stolen from the costume closet at my old school)

Casie's look:

I say it is Joan-esque. A pencil skirt that hugs in all the right places. A pair of heels that makes me walk with a swing in my hips. Maybe the red lips are the real giveaway that I am a vampity vamp.

skirt- vintage Pendelton, thrifted
blouse- INC, clothing swap

shoes- Colin Stuart, Ebay
necklace- vintage and handed down from my Memal

Chelsea 2's look:

"This is me in a vintage pleated skirt, pumps, vintage belt and sweater with (shhh...) 60's bra (before they burned them). My hair is teezed and quite high although you can't really see this in the photo."

Chelsea got her WHOLE OFFICE to dress up for today. Chelsea might be my new hero. How fun is this?

*That red ring up there flips up into a mirror. What? FABULOUS!

Wednesday challenge: Grecian

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